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About the Blogger

Here's a few facts about me, your Army Wife Blogger.

About Chantal:
I was born in Canada but moved to Colorado when I was 12 years old. I have 3 sisters, 4 parents, and a bunch of Canadian relatives. I lived in Denver until high school was done then went to college in Colorado Springs. I was in ROTC all four years, though I couldn't commission because I got injured. I graduated in May 2009 with a BA in History, minor in Philosophy. Since the Army didn't pan out, I had no clue what I wanted to do. Eventually I decided to follow a dream I had had since I was a little girl: To become a writer.

About Brandon: Brandon was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. He was a hyper young boy who was too smart for his own good. He excelled at school, landing him a scholarship to a private school in the city. He was a star baseball player, though really he was awesome at any sport he played. He received an ROTC scholarship for university. His first year he attended school in Pueblo, CO but then transferred to college in Colorado Springs, where he received a BA in Math. His dream was to be a pilot but the Army wanted him to be in the Infantry, so that's where he ended up. He applied to flight school in 2010 during his deployment and was accepted!

About Penny: Penny was born December 16, 2011. She came into the world stubborn (a breech baby who wouldn't turn) but she's been a wonderful baby ever since!

About Us: I met my husband, Brandon, when I went to college. We were both in ROTC together; he was a year ahead of me. He commissioned as a 2Lt in the Army May 2008 and we got married June 1, 2008. Though I had always planned on waiting until I was done with college to get married, the Army had different plans, so it made more sense to get married when he graduated. I still had a year left of school before I graduated. That first summer we spent apart because Brandon had to leave for an assignment; he left a few days after our honeymoon. However, I flew out to where he was to spend a week and make a roadtrip back to CO. He worked for ROTC for a few months before he had to go to his Infantry Officer training at Fort Benning, GA. I stayed back in CO to finish school. Five months later, I packed up the car and drove out to GA to be with him. I spent exactly 3 months there before we had to move to our first duty station in Hawaii! We made a roadtrip from GA to CA, with a stop in CO, Las Vegas and L.A., and moved to our new home in Hawaii. Here, we were lucky to get a nice home on post (twice as big as anything we've had before), and our two new additions: Winston the cat and Dexter the dog. We welcomed our little girl, Penny, in December 2011!

Contact: CMShelstad(at)gmail(dot)com