Can I delete my account if ever I want to? How?

Yes, you can delete your account whenever you want. Just log in to your account first and go to settings, find ‘my account’ and you will see how you can edit many things such as your name, email and even password. At the bottom part, you’ll find ‘delete account,’ click that and the website will ask for confirmation before you can fully delete your account.

How can I start my own blog?

Sign up and create your own account. It’s up to you when to post but you can do that once you set up your profile and provide your details. Once your account is ready, you can just post on your profile and everyone will get to see it after that.

As a reader, can I choose a specific blog I to read?

Yes, if you follow your favorite bloggers, you will get to read their posts only. But if ever you want to find other interesting stories, you can find it in the homepage like discovering new blogs.

Who will get to see my blog posts?

Everyone can see your posts once you put them in your profile. All posts are accessible to the public. However, if they don’t follow your account, your posts won’t appear on their timeline but they may discover your blog posts on the homepage of this website.

Can I ever change my profile from reader to blogger?

Yes, you can do that anytime because all you have to do is post something about things that you feel strongly about or your interests. You can also choose to be a blogger. It’s fun to be a reader but being a writer is a hell of a lot better. You can express yourself more and share your life to others so feel free to post anytime!