About Us

Scattered Seashells was founded a few years ago by a blogger and journalist who wanted to share her own thoughts to other people. Since she is a writer, it’s normal for her to want her works to be recognized by others. That was what pushed her to become a blogger and create her own website. But working for years like that, she understood that other people and other writers also want to do what she just did, be recognized and share their works as well. So she created another website that helps anyone to freely post whatever they want to. Be it blogs, stories or anything, everyone is free to sign up and post.

She knew that it may be a little hard to gain readers and followers so the website’s purpose was to create a place where many people can gather together and make their own blog. By doing this, other bloggers can see your post as well and you can interact with another. Readers can do the same though they are free to choose if they want to create an account or not. If they create an account, they are also allowed to talk to other people and join conversations but if not, they can only read posts and blogs from those who have accounts.

For years, this website continued and its purpose stayed the same: to create a place where anyone is free to share their thoughts and life. The founder’s mission was to let other people express themselves like what writers usually do. It’s not always easy to talk to other people by words and communicating when it comes to many things, so by making this page, it will be easier for anyone to interact with one another and share. We are hoping that this website will continue to make other people happy by reading and writing.