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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where's the beef?

We got beef.
Brandon and I decided when we moved here to buy a 1/4 cow; we never got around to it in Hawaii. We devoted some of our tax return to the endeavor and off I went in search of a farm to purchase some beef.

Holy moly, was it a search. There aren't too many places around here, so that wasn't too hard, but then I had some criteria they had to meet. Mainly, price. Was their advertised priced based on the hanging weight or the packaged weight? Did it include the butcher processing? Our second criteria was how grass-fed was it, because sometimes farms will say they're grass-fed but then they aren't grass-finished, which means for the cow's last 60-90 days off life, are they continuing to eat grass or are they given a corn based meal?

Oh, and don't tell me how delicious corn-fed beef is. I was raised on corn-fed and I know it's tasty, but have you had a good grass-fed steak? Doesn't compare. Plus, did you know that cows are supposed to eat grass and not corn? Grass-fed is the natural way to be!

Anyway, I ordered this cow back in late-April. It was supposed to be butchered in May but she didn't sell the other 1/4, so it got pushed back to June. Lucky cow. That kind of irked me, but what can you do? And then once it was butchered I found out we were supposed to pick it up from the butcher himself. Oh, only about 3 hours away in Florida. Bummer.

So the next day we loaded up the car with a couple coolers and took the drive down. It was fine until the way back when Penny decided crying was better than sleeping...

When we got to the butcher a pretty cow was being brought around back in a trailer and when the guy drove off, it wasn't there anymore. I couldn't live on a farm. I just want to eat the animals and not see them alive!

I'm sure our cow is super delicious though.

I'm pretty excited to eat all this premium grass-fed beef! I'm feeling so good about our food decisions lately, and this just adds to it!

How do you like your beef?

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes on yesterday's post, Lost Dog. Dexter came home! He was at our back door this morning when we woke up, covered in leaves but super happy to be home.


  1. wow does this fam have info? I have always wanted to do this, but never knew where to start.

  2. Did you look on What farm did you get your beef from? We get ours from White Oak Pastures. I have to agree so yummy! My grandpa raised corn-fed cows and grass fed is 1,000% better.

  3. We've thought about doing this at some point. There are lots of farms around here with this option, but we also have so many good places where we can get smaller amounts. Our farmer's market in the summer is great for this! And I'd never be able to live on a farm either, I'd probably end up a vegetarian and have a farm overrun with animals!

    Glad that Dexter is now home! :)

  4. I've been waiting to a get a deep freeze before stocking up on some local beef- but I'm so glad you posted this, I never thought of the different criteria. Thanks for the great info! Hope your beef is tasty :)


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