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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This Day in (Our) History

It's funny how July 28 became my travel day for the last couple years. International travel, to boot. Last year, we packed up and headed out to Australia for two weeks. What a trip that was! The year before that? Well, Brandon had been deployed for nearly a month by then and I was off on my first trip without him to my cousin's wedding in Canada. You could say July 28 is a special day.

Unfortunately, this year we're chillaxin' at home. Sorta. We hired the babysitter for a few hours in the afternoon so Mommy and Daddy can go see the new Batman movie. What can I say? I sorta love Batman (he's my fave superhero!)

But what else makes this day super special? It's Dexter's Birthday!!
Woke him up from a nap

He is a whopping three years old today. He's college aged, in dog years. Maybe even graduated by this time.

Want to hear the quick story of how we ended up with crazy here? Brandon wasn't so keen on getting a dog, but when I said he could get a cat (bargaining power) he couldn't refuse. He gave me some guidelines though. No beagles. No small dogs. No big dogs. No girl dogs. No dumb dogs. Oh, ok. We decided to get a dachshund, so I started my search. We stopped at a pet store one day and saw the cutest border collie puppy ever and Brandon started liking them again. He grew up with a border collie and loved it!

While perusing internet ads for a dachshund still, I came across a photo of Dexter, posted by the breeder. I showed Brandon and did a cost analysis (he's into charts) and we decided to get him! The next week he flew on over from the Big Island (we were still in Hawaii, remember?) and I picked him up from the airport, a cute little 8 week old puppy. Awww.

Honorable birthday mention to our kitty, Winston, who also turns three on Sunday. Yep, close in age!
Interrupted food time

Even though we aren't going on some great international vacation this year, this is the first time we'll be home for both the babies birthdays. How special!


  1. Happy Birthday Dexter and Winston! This is a non traveling summer for us, too. Well hubby had a business trip, but that doesn't count, no fun!

  2. No dumb dogs? Are you sure about that? Dexter can be pretty dumb sometimes.


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