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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Share - Penny in the Morning

Whoops. A week ago I had a guest post I forgot to mention. Check it out HERE!

This Week... It's All About Baby!
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I love mornings with my baby. Most mornings I bring her into bed around 5am, feed her, and we both pass out for a bit longer. I get up before her and have some Mommy time, and then she wakes up around 7am. Then it's Blue's Clues while Mommy finishes her Facebooking. I like to take photos of her in the morning while she's veggin' on the couch, or whatever she's doing in her jammies. She's just so cute.
She's frequently without pants.
She rolled to the edge and then did this. Don't worry, Brandon was right there to catch her if she fell while I snapped the photo.
Morning face. Morning cheeks.
Whatcha doin', Mom?


  1. What a cutie! Following you via Monday Mingle and would love a follow back. All the best, Monica


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