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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Share - Penny Eats

Here's this weeks blog line-up:
Monday - Penny - Seven Months
Tuesday - Blogger 411 Link-Up
Wednesday - Fitness Announcement
Thursday - My Job
Friday - Friday Featured Blogger - Our Military Home

On Sunday's, I'm going to start sharing different photos of our week. If you're following me on Instagram, you've already seen them all!

This week we're following Penny Eats, a look into her meals. She's just taken off on the baby-led weaning and loves chewing on anything I put in front of her!
Some mango for breakfast
Trying out egg yolks for the first time.
Mango, avocado, strawberry and hummus.
She loved this spaghetti squash!
She devoured the zucchini, sweet potatoes and turnip, but she left the mushrooms.
She loves eating her sweet potatoes!

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  1. I tried Evelyn with Mushrooms and she hated them too! I love that your doing this because you give me more ideas for Evelyn too. I think I got stuck in a rut with veggies so your posts help me find new things for her!


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