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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lost Dog

Dexter ran off last night.

It's my fault, really. We were sitting outside with friends waiting for the fireworks to start. It was super late, for us anyway, so I was tired and overwhelmed from the long day. The boys were playing corn hole and Dexter was jumping around. I remember hearing one of our friends say "Oh, that music means the fireworks will be starting soon" and I thought, I better put Dexter inside soon. And then I opened my phone and started playing a game. I had time.

I guess I didn't! Boom! the first firework went off and Dexter was done. He ran for the front door and Brandon noticed, so he headed over to let him in. I guess he took too long because Dexter turned around and took off sprinting around the house.

I thought maybe he would just try to go into the backyard, but we went back there and he was gone. The neighbors behind us said they saw him running south. That was the last we saw of him.
I'm not terribly upset yet, I'm just super angry with myself. We drove around a few times already looking for him, but no luck. Border collies are fast and when he's scared, there's no stopping him. So where could he be? Anywhere within, oh, a 7 mile radius, it seems. In the forest. Near the PX. In someone's backyard. Who knows?

No one has called me yet, but I've posted all kinds of messages everywhere I can think of. I've called the MPs and the shelters around here. No luck. He is wearing a collar with my number so I hope he will find someone and they will call us soon.

Please hope Dexter comes home soon! It's eerily quiet in the house without him!


  1. One of the many good things about dogs is their sense of smell. He will find his way back to you all!

  2. I am sorry. I hope you find him soon!

  3. Oh no! I really hope he comes back home soon!! I'll be thinking of you!


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