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Monday, July 2, 2012

It has begun!

Flight school has officially started! Last week Brandon came home with his flight uniform and equipment, and a box full of books. Yep, he's back in school! I know he's nervous but super excited about the whole thing. And why not? In just a couple short weeks, he's going to be sitting in a helicopter!
 With his school starting, we're entering a new phase - him being gone and busy! Today is just the beginning; he had class starting at 6:30am until who knows when! Though the long day is due to the holiday, since he will have Tuesday through Thursday off. So they're cramming in four days worth of work into one and a half days. I know he can do it!

Now I get to spend extra time with my baby, though I'll miss having Brandon around to chat with. I can't wait to see him flying!
Speaking of my baby... she's being difficult. She's learning that if she cries, she gets our attention. I put her down to play, she cries. Naptime? She cries. Bedtime? She cries. She slept horrible last night too. And so did Dexter... there was a storm and he decided to try and sleep on my head. No go, doggy.

Anyway, she's turning into quite the character! She's rolling around a lot now, always wanting to grab everything, and talking up a storm. She says Mamamamama now! So fun.

Oh, and this morning I started TurboFire! I love kickboxing so I knew this would be perfect for me. It wasn't too bad this morning, though by the end of it I could barely keep up with the different moves. I looked like a fool jumping and jabbing all which ways. Still so much fun!
I'm still running, too. Double the workouts, now, double the fun!

We've been really eating so healthy lately and juicing for breakfast and lunch most days. The juicing has made us both lose weight, but we feel great. I'm doing to 135 - that's 6 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight! I'd love to get to 130, but really I'm so happy to be where I am and feeling good exercising and eating right.

Well, this has turned into quite a random post. Life has been good here!


  1. That's great keep up the good work! Losing weight is awesome.

  2. The storms in AL is one of the things I miss the most. They're ridiculous compared to what I'm used to, and moving from AL to Hawaii was a total downer in the storm department.

  3. That's awesome that you are losing weight! My sister does juicing too and loves it. Penny is so cute. Once babies start talking though, they wont stop! LOL


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