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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Independence Day

The Fourth of July was a somber day for us. Dexter was off who-knows-where on some adventure, and we were a little bit sad about it. We drove around post four or five times with no luck. We had no idea where he could be! Thank goodness he came home the next morning or else our whole week would've been thrown off.

However, while we were having a sad time, someone else was having the time of his life. No, not Dexter. Winston was experiencing his very own Independence Day.

You woke me up for this?

Winston has a tough time in this house. It's our fault, really. Border collies are smart, too smart, and they're eager to please. Early on, Winston would sneak up and try to eat Dexter's food, right in front of our eyes. Quickly, we yelled at him. When that stopped working, we got a spray bottle, and from our spots on the couch we could spray him and he'd run off. Dexter quickly learned that the spray bottle meant someone's bad, and he knew when we yelled "Winston" that he needed the chase the cat.

It's all fun and games until the dog won't stop.

Now, our poor cat is terrorized. Dexter hears anything and he chases off the cat, thinking he's in trouble. We have no idea how to un-train him of this habit, either, so poor Winston suffers.

But Dexter was gone! What freedom! No one to bite his tail when he was being bad, no one to chase him down the hall and under the bed.
And now I have to sit up?

Winston took full advantage of his independence; he was a different cat! Of course, it was all naughty kitty things, like... jumping on the counters, using the carpet as a scratching post, getting up on the bathroom counters and messing with stuff, chewing on hairties, laying on the couch...

It was a good day for Mr. Kitty. I do feel bad that he doesn't get this freedom every day, but that is life! We try to help as much as we can with the doggy. The Fourth was an Independence Day for both of them, huh?

How was your Independence Day? :D

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  1. Poor Winston! But it sounds like he had a nice "vacation" day while Dexter was exploring! Our dog chases our cats too, but luckily she loves to be outside so the cats take full advantage of those moments! Glad that Dexter is home again!


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