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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Featured Blogger - Our Military Home

Hey everyone! Today we have Taylor from Our Military Home. It's a great blog and she's a great blogger. Check her out!


First, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you?
I'm Taylor, a Navy wife and non-practicing attorney.  I started reading blogs while studying for the bar exam to keep from going insane and got a crazy idea to start a military blog (like I actually thought it was kind of a unique idea).  Little did I know that there was a great, bustling world of military spouse bloggers!  After I realized that being a full-time attorney at a firm would be nearly impossible with the excruciating and time consuming state-by-state bar examination process, I had an early life crisis then decided to break free of law (for now) and become a blogger and writer.  I started my own writing company, Hoffman Writing Services (link= and currently work from home.

Tell us about your spouse.
Mr. H. is extremely introverted and I remain the mouthpiece for our union as he would rather die than speak in public or in most group settings.  In college, even when we were friends, he attended all of my debates and was my number one fan.  He has a degree in music with an emphasis in Piano Performance and his senior recital was all about Beethoven.  I thought he was Native American for a long time, but he is actually German and Norwegian.  I hope our future kids get his skin tone because it is beautiful and olive and as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Tell us about your family.
No kids, two schnauzers.  I just spontaneously rescued a puppy mill dog and named him Bear Grylls.  More on that here. (link=

Where are you from?
I am from the small town of Gilbert, Arizona.  Represent!  My Grandfather attended elementary school two miles away from the house I was raised in and most of my family remains in Arizona.  The East Valley of Arizona is full of hard working, friendly, and down-to-earth people (which is probably why I have a problem with Maryland - see the question below).  Every Arizona school kid learns the five C's of Arizona's economy: cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper.

Where do you live now? Do you like it there?
We live in Maryland at Ft. Meade.  Anyone who reads my blog knows that I pretty much totally dislike almost everything about Maryland.  I'm trying to be content.  I'll leave it at that.

What about your home away from home – your blog? Tell us a bit about your blogging journey so far.
I love my blog.  I always wanted to be a writer and here is my chance.  If I can "Add to the Beauty" of this world while I'm here, then I am glad.  I dislike shiny, perfect people and I try to convey the fact that real life is kind of, well, hard and relationships are complex.

Have you been through a deployment? Do you have any advice for those who are or will be?
No deployment, although we did do a two year long distance relationship which included our engagement.  Mr. H. will be on sea duty next go-round so there is a chance he'll deploy then.

How do you like being a military spouse?
I like it now that I'm working from home because I tell the Navy, "go ahead, do what you will."  I have my own little corner of the world with my blog and business that I find very fulfilling and constant no matter what the Navy throws at us.  I really enjoy the people and friendships I've made.  Military people are just plain fascinating and I love hearing their stories.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to see myself as 25 pounds lighter, content, and involved in a good Bible-teaching church and ministering to my husband and those around me with a servant's heart.  I hope my businesses will continue to be successful, if not monetarily so, at least in the sense that I can work hard and provided needed services or writing for people.

What’s your favorite food?
MEXICAN. Specifically the chorizo burrito and/or tostadas at Los Favoritos, a hole-in-the-wall in Chandler, Arizona.

Tell us a fun fact!
I am only a few hours away from having a private pilot's license.  My dad owns a flight school and we once tried to train to break a world record for the youngest female to get a helicopter license.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you Chantal for this fun series!

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