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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

I have a secret and it is that we're doing...

Elimination Communication.
(wait, what?)

Let me tell you what's up. I'm part of a lot of different groups on FB, and one happens to be a "crunchy moms" group. One particular mom got me interested in a book called Diaper-Free Baby and the process of elimination communication (EC). I decided to get the book and a potty, and we've been doing it for a couple weeks now!

But what is elimination communication anyway?

Babies aren't born wanting to poop and pee in diapers, they want to be able to eliminate in a cleaner way, and they communicate to you their need to eliminate. (It's funny because I remember Penny crying like crazy every time she pooped as a newborn. Could this be why?) Well, we aren't usually so in tune to the communication, and we just let them go in diapers. Did you know that North America, and a lot of first world countries, are unique in the fact that their babies go years in diapers? While most of the world's babies are out of diapers by a year? That intrigued me. So EC is letting them go on a potty/toilet, and learning their cues for when they wanted to go.

I started to realize that Penny pooped at certain times, so I started putting her on the potty then. At first, I didn't get anything, but then we kept at it. Now I'm hardly changing any poopy diapers! Our routine is I feed her, take her diaper off and plop her on the potty. We talk, she plays with her "potty toy" and her iPod (an old iPod we had), and within 5-10, she poops! How amazing!

I'm not so good at catching the pees, but it's a work in progress. I'm ok with changing those diapers anyway.

We're hoping that in doing this, the transition to full-time potty training will be easier and less stressful on her. She doesn't seem to mind it, either. It hardly takes any time out of our day to do it, so might as well!

Yep, just another hippie-mom thing I do!
What do you think of elimination communication?


  1. Well, I'm not a mother yet... but that is an interesting theory. I'll have to remember to look into it for when I have kids!

  2. This is a theory I learned in school actually, I have my degree in Child Development, anyways it works perfectly but my daughter is different we get her when she pees but not poops. I have tried to look at her facial expressions lol but no such luck yet. Good-luck :)

  3. I have a friend that does this and her daughter does great!! I think it's really cool! Her only issue is she does get pretty constipated at times from not eliminating everything. I don't mind diapers so I'm taking the lazy way out in this department :P

  4. I am so jealous! I think EC is such a cool concept. However my son gives no indication that he's about to poop :(
    If I could figure him out I would definitely give it a shot.

  5. I wish Evelyn would do EC! I'd love to start potty training her young. Unfortunately she poops in her sleep almost every night and gets major diaper rash! I'm not even sure how to break that! But my goal is to start potty training her by Christmas! Keep us updated on how Penny does!


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