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Monday, July 23, 2012

BLW so far!

I'm excited about this week - It's All About Baby! I'll be writing various posts about Penny and topics surrounding our life with her. Hope you enjoy!

On last Sunday's "Sunday Share" I shared photos of Penny's Eats. It got me thinking, I should update you guys on how our baby-led weaning adventure is going! It's been over two months since I first blogged about it. So... how's it going?

Well, in so many words... great!

We started right around 6 months, mostly with avocado and other mushy foods. At first, she was gagging a bit when the food would reach the back of her throat. I think it freaked Brandon out more than it did for me, because I knew the gagging was her learning how to swallow, and she never choked. Of course, we kept an eye on her, and if something seemed to difficult we would take the food away.

The gagging continued for a couple weeks and I was getting a little discouraged. Had we started too early? And then, after some practice, she started getting better and better. Now, about 6 weeks in, she hardly ever gags!

We still make sure her food is soft enough to chew, since she doesn't have teeth yet. Some harder foods (like the apple slice in the second photo) she just gnaws on, which is fine. We also make sure to take off any skin from zucchini or sweet potatoes. And what an adventurous eater she is! She's routinely eating breakfast and dinner with us now. She skips lunch because usually she's napping during that time. It's all good!

What does she eat?
Fruit: Banana, watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, mango, apples, pears, pineapple (anything!)
Organic puffs (kale and spinach flavored)
Yogurt melts
Hard-boiled egg yolks (no white!)

(she eats what we eat, usually)
Avocado, all the time
Sweet potatoes, all the time!
Steamed veggies: Broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini, turnips, carrots, etc.
Shredded chicken
Soft beef (ground beef, roast)

She has some favorites. Namely, avocado, sweet potatoes, zucchini, the puffs, and strawberries. She would eat those at every meal!

Oh, and before I forget. Do you have pureed food you don't want to get rid of? No fear! I received some samples of puree in my TeetheMe boxes, and since Penny doesn't let me spoon-feed her, I had to decide what to do with it. I tried just giving it to her on a spoon so she could feed herself, but that only worked for a short time. Then an idea: freeze it!

I froze bits of pureed food in a heart-shaped ice cube tray. Now, I can quickly grab a piece and give it to her. She loves it! She can pick it up and suck on the food, and it tastes great and is organic. Sure, once it melts a bit it gets messy, but she eats it up quick. Her favorite is the pureed peas, but she loves the bananas I got too. We actually went out to Target yesterday and bought more to freeze because she likes it so much and it's so easy.

Have any questions about BLW for me?
How do you feed your baby?


  1. It looks like she is doing really well eating!! We had a bit of trouble with my daughter! Stopping by from the mom blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  2. my youngest LOVES avocados and hummus!! He would only eat those two things if he could lol!! Very nice to meet you and your lovely family!

    New follower via the monday mingle!!

  3. It looks great! How did you enter the meats in? My son is 5 months (we started at 4 months and it helped dramatically with his reflux!) I puree his food with the baby bullet but recently started letting him eat small pieces of bananas and organic mum mums, frozen peach slices, sweet potato, etc he has a tooth poking through already and seems to be doing great but also gags. I am nervous on the meats though, I don't plan to for a little while but I have no idea how to introduce it to him and figured since you were blogging about it might as well ask now!

  4. I'm glad you posted this. I fear we're not introducing enough new foods for K. He still has a hard time eating what we eat and I'm afraid he doesn't get his nutrients. We still do a lot of purees and a lot of formula because he was failure to thrive for so long. I want to keep packing on the pounds that I worry about varying his meals simply b/c I know what has been working. Still, he's getting close to the big transition to cow's milk and I know his body needs the foods we're eating, too. Where the heck is the parenting manual anyway? I could use one! I think I might try BLW for this next one!


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