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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Let's talk a bit about one of my best friends, my little sister, Jessica.
To be fair, I have two awesome older sisters, Jennifer and Shannon, who I know read my blog. I'm not excluding you. I <3 you too!

Jessica was born two and a half years after me. Life was good until then... just joking :P. From an early age, we were forced to share a room, which came with its own set of battles. You see, Jessica was (is?) a little wimp. She needed the door open a bit or a nightlight, while I liked total darkness. She was messier than me, too, but I still had to clean up the room with her! Not my mess!

But anyway, we played together a lot, and as we got older that special bond never broke. When she found out she was pregnant, I was a bit jealous, but little did I know I would be having my own baby 8 weeks after! And how exciting it was that we were both having girls! (And surprisingly to us, they look nothing alike)
Um, is it me, or does Avelyn look a little like Jessica here?

I'm pretty sure Jessica and I text each other a thousand times a day... thank goodness for unlimited texts. What do we talk about? Babies, baby poop, baby clothes, movies, Blue's Clues, the weather, visiting each other but how we can't, how excited we are to see each other some day, silly husbands, vacuums, how I have ice cream and she doesn't...

I'm married to my best friend but I'm happy to say that my little sister is one of my BFFs! Anytime our phones die, it's a sad day. I love talking to my awesome sister all day long! I'm lucky to have such a great relationship with her, and really my other sisters too. There's nothing like it!


  1. I love this post! I have a very close bond with my older sister too and I wouldn't trade it for anything! We are exactly the same way as you two are, but we talk just slightly less (which is surprising considering we are loudmouths lol)

  2. Love this! My sister and I Skype EVERY morning. And when we don't- it throws our whole day off! Lol! Having a sister is such an awesome thing!

  3. Aw, so sweet! I always wanted a sister to hang out with growing up. Fortunately I married into a big family and got 2 - one of which I'm REALLY close to. But with the stupid time difference and the fact that she has 2 toddlers...we don't get to talk as much as I'd like.


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