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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Unexpected

About seven years ago, I graduated high school.

Life has taken me in a lot of different directions.

By this time, I expected... be married...
...and to have a dog (but maybe not a cat!)
I even expected to have my first baby.
(OMG cuteness)

However, along with the baby came some unexpected, but welcome, surprises.

I didn't expect that we would choose not to vaccinate...
...or cloth diaper (at least when I was 18!)
 Baby-wearing and co-sleeping? Wouldn't have even crossed my mind at that age!
And the latest and greatest of all unexpected surprises?

We're considering homeschooling.
I never ever ever would have thought that, not even a year ago.
Not even six months ago.

Here we are, though, thinking of our baby's future.

And this just feels right.

Who would've thought?


  1. Even if I work, I will homeschool my children. I plan to be home all day and if I have to work, it will be in the evening after their dad is home from work.

    I graduated high school 6 years ago, so we're not too far apart in age, but I'm on baby #3 lol. ;)

  2. We've started thinking about homeschooling with future kiddos, not vaccinating and co-sleeping too. Obviously, we have a while before any of that becomes a reality lol but it does just feel right when we think about it too. It's crazy how much of a difference a few years can make!

  3. I totally know what you mean!! When I graduated high school 8 years ago (or was even in college) I NEVER thought I'd be a SAHM or thinking about homeschooling our kids. It's crazy how things change. But it's definitely a good change. =)

  4. We've started to think about homeschooling, too. It's a little terrifying to me. I mean, what if my kid is dumb? It will be my fault. lol


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