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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Problem with Having Babies

The problem with having babies is your life completely changes. They tell you before you have the baby that this will happen and yeah, you can expect it, but you have no idea what it's like until you're in it.

Suddenly, the baby is here and it's feeding, changing diapers, naps, nighttimes, bath time. Your time is the baby's time, all the time. You can't think of yourself anymore, it's all about the baby. For awhile, that's perfectly fine.

But you don't forget what it was like before. People say that you lose your freedom, "I don't want kids! Then I can't pick up and go on surprise vacations!" I always said, whatever, it's not like we do that anyway. It's the little things, though. Going out to dinner easily, or going to watch a movie, even watching a movie at home without pausing it a hundred times. It's going to a barbecue at a friend's house.

It's not as easy as "get a babysitter" because, if you have kids, you understand you can't just get one just like that. It's not as easy as "put them asleep in the guest room at the friends house" because again, it just doesn't work that way. Especially if you have a baby like ours who needs her routine and who can't stay up extremely long between naps without ruining the rest of the night.

And maybe I should change the title to "The Problem with Motherhood" because a lot of these problems are what mothers experience. Most dads, though involved, aren't as involved at the mother is. They usually get to go to work and get a "break" from parenting. Moms, they're with the baby 24/7. Feeding, changing, playing. Repeat.

The problem with having babies is sometimes, it just sucks. It's such a wonderful and terrible thing.


  1. I hear you, my daughter is 6 now, though, and things do get easier, but it's still forever different!

  2. Very true. My first one knocked my socks off, I had no clue how hard it was. Now with my third, I expect all the hardships. It IS worth it though :)

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  4. I miss just going to dinner on a moments notice lol. Also not watching kids shows, I am pretty over kids shows lol


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