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Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo-a-Day May

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Day 1. Peace - Waking up to Dexter on the bed.
Day 2. Skyline - A photo from Hawaii.
Day 3. Something you wore - I fit into this purple shirt now!
Day 4. Fun! - Tummy time!
Day 5. Bird - A toucan hanging from the Jumperoo.
Day 6. You - My framed Chantal poem.
Day 7. Someone that inspires you - Kurt Vonnegut.
Day 8. A smell you adore - Peaches and mangoes at the grocery store.
Day 9. Something you do every day - Give Penny kisses from Daddy.
Day 10. A favorite word - Yuengling.
Day 11. Kitchen - My Kitchenaid mixer.
Day 12. Something that makes you happy - A cute shirt and cow print diaper.
Day 13. Mum - Penny's shirt says "I make mommy smile."
Day 14. Grass - Dexter in the backyard.
Day 15. Love - A framed kissy photo from our wedding.
Day 16. What you're reading - Nook book and magazines.
Day 17. Snack - Chick-fil-a.
Day 18. Something you made - A tomato I'm growing.
Day 19. A favorite place - The lake minutes from our home. 
Day 20. Something you can't live without - My baby.
Day 21. Where you stand - Georgia.
Day 22. Pink - Penny's outfit for the day.
Day 23. Technology - The iPad.
Day 24. Something new - A bunch of clothes from Old Navy for me and her.
Day 25. Unusual - My soap nuts bag was open!
Day 26. 12 o'clock - Check the oil.
Day 27. Something sweet - My favorite chocolate.
Day 28. The weather today - Hot and sunny.
Day 29. A number - Penny's naps.
Day 30. Your personality - A favorite pattern on a new tank top.
Day 31. Something beautiful - Mother/daughter.

What's your favorite photo?


  1. So fun! Way to keep up with it!

  2. Kolby has a minky cow print diaper!! It's my fav! :) Oh, and congrats on fitting into the purple shirt.. I LOVE the feeling when I can officially fit a shirt.


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