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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Penny's Nursery

I finally finished Penny's nursery (um, for the most part, anyway). I've really just been holding out to paint her changing table, and I finally did it while Brandon was gone. It was that and put some finishing touches and well... it's done!

I'm so happy that it's finished, mostly because she IS five and a half months old, and we HAVE lived here for nearly three months now. Hey, having a baby keeps you busy! So let's take a tour!

Walking in the door. The closet and window are to the right, but this is pretty much everything.
Her dresser and rocking chair. I had never planned on getting a rocking chair but I found one cheap at a garage sale and let me tell you - lifesaver! On her dresser are her bedtime books, a frame with no photo in it, and an Easter basket thing our old neighbors made her. I just put the decals up, aren't they so cute? They match perfectly!
I hope to get a toy box one day where that basket sits under the window.
Penny is sitting so well!
The decal set I got had some bird houses included. It doesn't go with my theme as much but I thought it was a cute addition to the empty space above her closet. Also you see a framed birth announcement I got off Etsy. Oh, and a frame for her baby photos... also empty!
Her name and crib. I wanted to do something with the name but I'm not creative, so white it stays. I want a crib skirt someday. Maybe I'll sew one!
I had originally planned on staining the changing table to match the other furniture. However, we found out that it isn't solid wood, so staining wouldn't work. I decided white would match the other items in her room, like that shelf. Up there are some of my baby items that I didn't want her to break. I would love to change that diaper pail to something other than black... one day!
The inspiration was this blanket. I wanted a garden theme, but mostly I pulled the colors. Purple, green, pink, and some blues thrown in.
From the far corner. There's a dream catcher on the closet that my dad gave to Penny. 
See Dexter in the hallway?
So there you have it! What do you think?


  1. Very cute! I love that you put a mobile on the changing table, what a great idea!

  2. Super cute! I like all the little details and wall decor!

  3. Lovely nursery! Does Penny sleep in her crib too? I've yet to set up the nursery but for now Kyra sleeps with us in our room.

  4. I think it's simple and cute.


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