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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Penny - Six Months

Penny - you're six months old!
We have a fun baby on our hands! This month was interesting because, for most of it, your Daddy was gone off to training. It was just us girls! You were good company, though. Your six month appointment is next week, but I weighed you recently and you were nearly 19 (!!) pounds. Wowzers! Not sure you're length, but you're getting longer. Such a big baby! Most people comment on your chubby thighs and double chins. I love you, pudgers. Your hair is a light brown, definitely lighter than mine, and your eyes are gray-blue. I think they will stay that way!

Clothes? Well we're into the 6-9 month ones now. You still fit into 6 month comfortably, but for sure you're getting bigger. I had to pack away your 3-6 month clothes just last week. For bed time I got you some t-shirt and pants sets and you are much more comfortable in those.
No problems nursing! Ok, maybe a bit - you will only nurse right before your nap. It's weird, but we deal with it fine. You eat pretty quick now too, I love it. Oh, and you kick, you're trying to move and bounce, which makes it hard to nurse. Geez! You've also bitten me a couple times with those two little baby fangs. Ow.
But speaking of eating, you've started solids! We've been introducing different things here and there and you're really like it. Lately you've been choking on foods that chunk up so we put those in the mesh feeder and you go to town. You're favorites are strawberries and avocado. You've also tried sweet potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and banana.

Your nights have gotten a little better. You go down around 7pm, sleep until maybe 1am, and then 5am, when you come into bed with us and sleep until about 7:30am. It is what it is! I actually like when you sleep with us and I get to wake up to your cute little face. You're still napping four times a day for 45 minutes each time. That's just what you do!

Your newest, coolest thing is sitting up! You are awesome at it! It's provided both of us with some freedom because you can sit up and play with all your toys while I do stuff. You are much happier now that you can sit, and now that you have that freedom you hate tummy time. You have rolled a few times, but it's just not what you do! That's ok, the sitting is awesome!

This month has been so busy! We've been to Georgia, we've gone to the pool, we've played with new toys and new friends, and welcomed Daddy home. You even got some visitors - Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Mallory. If we're at home you want to swing on the swings, play in the Jumperoo, sit and watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Blue's Clues.
As you can see, we've been super duper busy! This month has been so fun and I love watching you learn and grow!


  1. Oh she is so adorable! Love that picture of her mohawk in the bath :).
    Happy 6 months, Penny!

  2. She is a precious little girl!!

  3. I love that picture of her in the high chair!

  4. She's beautiful - I love the bathtub one! Hope everything's going well in Alabama.


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