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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Featured Blogger - The Tervo Times

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying these as much as I am! I love reading about new bloggers and getting to know each other in the community. Today we have Sierra from The Tervo Times. Check her out!

First, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you?
I'm Sierra. Born and raised Navy Brat. I love dolphins, the theatre, reading, fascinating Bible studies, watching movies, and a good pedicure. I'm from a strong, Christian family and I am thankful for that background. I've got 2 older sisters and a younger brother (who is deployed with the Army). I was one of those people who LOVED High School... and college was even more fun! That's where I met my husband. I was married at 19, moved to another country, worked & kept pressing on for my degree, had a baby at 22, graduated college (BS in Paralegal Studies), moved back to the US, and had another baby at 24. We JUST PCS'ed to our new base so I'm in that adjustment period right now.

Tell us about your spouse.
Ryan is my husband. We met doing AFROTC stuff in college and then I became his assistant working on special projects. I always joke with people that I used to have to call my husband "sir" and salute him. Although we met in college almost 3 hours away from home, we learned that our families lived 15 minutes away from one another. From the time we started dating to getting married it was 11 months... and 2 of those months were planning the wedding. Ryan is an extremely intelligent man, ambitious, and has a dry sense of humor that cracks me up. He is in to the AFIT program for his Master's degree and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Tell us about your family.
I have 2 small kids and a smaller dog. My son, William, is 4 years old. When he was about 2 and a half he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a major speech disorder, that has prevented him from learning to verbally communicate properly. More goes into Apraxia, such as motor planning problems and feeding difficulties that are also evident with him. You can learn more about Apraxia at So yes, therapies are a part of my life. My daughter, Alanna, is 2. She is a bundle of personality and attitude! Right now she's getting into trouble more often but she's stubborn... and she's 2... maybe that explains it. Our little dog, Maya, is a Havanese and one of the most submissive dogs I've ever known! She cost a fortune, but she's a wonderful pet for our family.

Where are you from?
That's a loaded question! I'm a Navy Brat so I tell people I grew up along the West Coast: born near San Francisco, lived in San Diego, moved to Northern Oregon, and then off to Washington. Technically I call Washington State home. That's where I lived the longest. That's where my parents live. That's where I chose to go to college.

Where do you live now? Do you like it there?
As I mentioned, we just arrived to Dayton, Ohio in mid-May. It has been quite an adjustment moving to a humid area from the high desert of Albuquerque. Things are pretty different all together and I'm currently trying to learn my way around the area. I guess overall I do like it here. I'm making friends and life is picking up. It surprises me how much there is to explore in Dayton and I can't wait to get started! What makes me doubly excited is that Ohio is SO CLOSE to many places I've always wanted to go! This is the farthest East I've ever been and now I'm a mere 8 hours from Washington, D.C. and within a days drive to several places along the East Coast. I'm always up for a trip and love travel buddies!

What about your home away from home – your blog? Tell us a bit about your blogging journey so far.
I started blogging DURING our last PCS from Japan to New Mexico. I started it while we were on vacation in Hawaii. Originally it began as a way to keep family updated on what was happening in our lives but since then it has grown to whatever I want to write about: kids, photos, recipes, my feelings, journaling, book reviews, and military life. Through blogging I have discovered a huge support from the blogging community with a lot of resources on things that impact me.

Have you been through a deployment? Do you have any advice for those who are or will be?
I have been through deployments as a dependent child, but not as a spouse. My husband has been slotted for a deployment on 2 different occasions but because of special cases he has been pulled from both of them. And I know that we have at least 2 years before he is eligible for a deployment again.

How do you like being a military spouse?
Military life is all I have known. I'm not sure what I'd do as a civilian spouse. So, I guess I'm pretty happy being a military spouse. I enjoy my life. I love traveling to new places and making new friends. There is something to be said about the security of military life as well.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I'm not sure. Probably still a stay-at-home mom raising my kids (which I hope to have more of). Chances are we will have moved, again, unless Ryan gets into a PhD program. I want to be busy and active with things I enjoy, and my children happy and active in things they enjoy.

What’s your favorite food?
Hmmm... I love red meat. I also like Italian. Popcorn and ice cream are rated pretty high as well.

Tell us a fun fact!
I have an obsession with office supplies.

Anything else you would like to add?
I really do love to read so if you read anything interesting, tell me about it and I'll check it out! I'm always on the look out for new material.

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