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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Date

Once upon a time, Brandon and I were just a couple kids without any real responsibilities. No big jobs, just college. No pets, except for awhile we had a rat (whom I loved!). No babies, only our cars. Before we were married, before we were engaged, we were dating.

And on Monday afternoon, we went on our first date since Penny was born! (If you're following my Instagram, you probably saw all the photos while they were happening.) When Brandon came back from SERE school we interviewed a babysitter who came highly regarded, who we found on SitterCity. After the short interview we knew she would be great! With his parents being here, we never got around to making a date, and then on Saturday we realized, "Crap, flight school is starting like next week and we're not going to see each." So we planned a date!

We decided to do a lunch and afternoon date because it would work better for Penny. That was fine with me!

The night before, I typed out some instructions. My baby comes with an instruction packet. You can't fault me, I like being thorough. I'm sure she appreciated it a bit. Right...?
 The babysitter got here at noon when Penny was nearing the end of her nap. We booked it! We decided on a whim to drive the Mustang because we never drive it together. We're going to be trading it in soon (that's a whole other post) so Brandon needed to get it out to enjoy it a few last times.
 Our first stop was a Mexican restaurant where we happened to have a $10 gift card. We got one of the lunch specials, chicken fajitas for two. Yummy! They were pretty good!

After lunch we went and bought our tickets for my movie of choice: Rock of Ages. And since we had a bit of time, we headed over to Cold Stone to share a small ice cream. Brandon chose the Founder's Favorite. We were full but we just couldn't pass up Cold Stone.
We were the only ones in the theatre. We had the whole place to ourselves! It was fun because we could talk to each other if we wanted and didn't feel bad. I really liked the movie and for being a musical, Brandon didn't mind either. It helped that it was all rock music.

After the movie was done, we headed back home. Penny was crying because she couldn't fall asleep, but other than that, she had been a great baby. The babysitter did a wonderful job with her. I will tell you, though, Penny was soooo excited when we got home. She was grinning and flapping her legs and arms. It was so cute!

We didn't talk much, but we enjoyed some of the quiet that our date gave us. It was fun to just be us two and not have to worry about the baby. Plus, we hadn't seen a movie together at the movie theatres since a week before Penny was born. It was well overdue!
Do you date your husband?


  1. you are trading in a mustang?? That is a sin lol. MY husband and I have had three mustangs over the last few years. My husband wants another new one.We just paid his off.

    I have teenagers so they babysit when we ask. It is not often and I feel guilty when we leave. All the kids do fine and do not mind.

    We usually go to dinner and then it usually ends with us walking around lowes lol

  2. Sounds like a great date! Hubby and I actually want to get out and see Rock of Ages, too funny!

  3. That sounds like a great date! I love day dates! We don't have any kids yet, so it's pretty easy for us to go out together... but we probably don't go on dates as much as we should!

  4. I'm slightly jealous! We are in the process right now of finding a babysitter registered through post, and I can't WAIT to get so time to ourselves to 'date' again. Glad you guys were able to get out & have fun before he starts flight school.


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