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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Time Continued

Brandon's family came to visit last Thursday. He had a four-day pass, thank goodness. They drove alllll the way from Colorado (yikes, I don't want to do that 24 hour drive again for a long time) and arrived by dinner time, just half an hour before Penny had to go to bed.

What did we all do? Friday we had lunch at Mellow Mushroom and visited the local health food store, played some games, had fun. We also hit up the commissary for food for the weekend. Saturday we visited a couple farms and had Thai for lunch. Sunday we spent Father's Day at the range and ate some more food, and played more games! Monday, their last day, we visited the Aviation Museum and spent some more time with the family. They left Tuesday morning.

It was a low-key visit, no real stress except for trying to figure out how to cook for five grown adults! The house didn't really feel very cramped, even with his sister sleeping on the couch. It was a good visit. Brandon and I agree that it was a good amount of time too.

I'm glad to have my house back, though. I spent most of the day today doing laundry and cleaning up to get it back in order. I am not a fan of clutter, but I guess if you have so many people in a house, things get messy. I'm feeling much more settled with some order in the house!

Of course, visits like this make me miss my own family. What I wouldn't do to have someone visit or us to visit them. There's just never enough time, you know?

I have no idea when our next family visit will be! Flight school starts super super soon!

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  1. Is'nt it nice to be visited by a good friend once in a while? Your activities might have been low-keyed but you guys seem to have enjoyed it. That Thai food sounds really good.


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