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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eating Habits Redefined

My brain is a little muddled because I've been hit by a head cold! So forgive me if I get confusing...

Remember yesterday how I said "Nothing says Happy Anniversary like a juicer?"
After going back and forth for a bit, we decided to gift ourselves a juicer for our fourth anniversary! We don't give individual gifts for our anniversary. I don't know why, but it just kind of evolved this way. I like it anyway. Why not celebrate each other by getting a joint gift?

Why a juicer? For one, we watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and we inspired. This guy had all kinds of issues and he went on a juice-only diet for 60 days. Basically freed himself of everything and now he's super healthy. 

For another, we're trying to rebalance our body's pH levels, which requires us to eat a lot of alkaline foods. This means way less dairy, meat and grains, and way more fruits and veggies. I like it, I enjoy eating that stuff. Brandon is having more of an issue with it, but I try my best to provide him with snacks throughout the day.

We aren't just drinking juice, because we don't really need to do that. We have replaced our breakfast with a good juice and most lunches too. We've been striving to have two juices a day.

I'll tell you what, I know it's working because I had a rough day on Sunday while my body got rid of some toxins. Now I feel great! Except for this darn head cold... I feel healthier already bumping up our intake.

We did spend about $100 on fruits and veggies the other day because you need a good amount to throw in that thing. We're having fun with it though. At first we followed recipes, now we make our own juices. A more fruity one for breakfast and more veggies at lunch. Always throw kale or spinach in there, and a lemon. Otherwise, whatever we feel like doing. And the juices have been delicious!

So yeah, we're changing our eating habits again. I like it. Plus, we can be a good example for Penny, especially now that she's starting solids. Juicing is fun!

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  1. I wanted to do a juice diet but now I'm pregnant, lol.


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