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Friday, June 8, 2012

Another One?

First: No, I am not pregnant. Oh goodness, that would be a terrible idea! Works for some, but I couldn't imagine having my babies that close together.

However, once you have a baby, most people are asking you when's the next one coming. You know, you're just recovering from the birth and learning all about parenthood, and you have to start thinking about what comes next. That's just how it goes, I suppose!

Brandon and I have always had a plan and we're sticking to it. We want our kids 2-3 years apart. I like that age difference since my little sister and I have that spacing and it has worked well. Brandon is 8 years older than his sister and their relationship is certainly different. So we're hoping for the 2-3 year spacing.

Now, our big argument has been how many kids. We've gone back and forth for years. He always just wanted two. I wanted three. I come from a larger family, so that's probably why. But now that I have a baby I'm leaning more towards two... babies are hard! I don't know if I want to keep doing this!

Then it comes down to what kinds of babies we have. We have a girl now and I'm perfectly fine with having another girl, but would we want to try for a third and see if we have a boy? What if we end up with three girls? Poor Brandon ;). I am perfectly confident in saying if we have a boy next, we will be done. Maybe...

Anyway, this is what we talk about sometimes. Always the next one. What they'll be like, if they will look like Brandon, how Penny will be...

What does your "family planning" look like?


  1. We had our daughter and then our second and last 2 years, 2 months later. It was a really hard spacing at first. It took 3 months for me to stop crying from being so overwhelmed. At 6 months, it got better and better and now I love it! They are 3 (in Feb) and 1 (last month).

  2. We have that same argument lol I want 4 kids, I would settle for 3, he really only wants 2. But, we also have tons of time to figure that out seeing as we wont be trying for a few more years. We also want our kids 2 years apart.

  3. WELLLLL, it certainly didn't look like 2 kids 16 months apart, but it does now! ;) Good luck with your planning. J would have 4-5 kids if I'd let him, but I really hate being pregnant. I'll keep the two I've got and then hopefully adopt. We'll see what God wants, though.

  4. We're going to start trying early next year (we're going on honeymoon in January, so guess what we'll be up to) and I've always told Cameron that I really want one to be at least potty trained before having another. Just makes it that much easier, or at least that's how I'd like to rationalize. My brother and I are 4 years apart and I almost wish I had been a little older so that I can remember what it was like having a little baby around, but I guess that isn't totally important. We're shooting for two--both boys, we hope--because Cameron grew up with two other brothers and he said that with 3 kids it becomes a two-of-us-gang-up-on-the-third situation while they're growing up. I guess I'll decide on all that after we see how the first one goes. :)

  5. My siblings and I grew up very close together... Dec '85, Aug '87, and Aug '88... I always found we grew up so much closer (especially in a military family) being that close in age. Because sometimes, the three of us were the only friends we had. I think 2-3 years will be perfect...but if you have three remember middle child syndrome! It's rampant!

  6. Originally I wanted 4. After Adelei, I've gone down to 3, Aaron is pretty set on 2. Both of us have 3 siblings, but I definitely don't think we could afford 4 kids. I really think the deciding factor on whether we have 2 or 3 will be our financial situation when the time comes. As for age differences, I think 2 years is what we are going to try for.

  7. Jam going to start for my second (and final) now. My daughters 2.

  8. I want 2 if I end up with 2 girls I want to try one more time for. Boy...hubs doesn't want more kids he was an only child and he loves it I had 5 siblings and I love it! We agreed next year we'd talk about another baby seriously.nim pregnant hungry so bad but not baby hungry at all! Baby's are way hard.


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