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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All of everything!

Some randoms...

Giveaways: Have you entered to win $100 at Amazon and Journey 2 DVD/BluRay?

Running: I started the Couch to 5k last week again. My body hurts, but that's to be expected. It's my calves that are taking the worst beating because my body is getting adjusted to the Vibrams again. Speaking of my Vibrams, they have a hole, but I ordered new ones! I love running in them, I wrote last year about my miracle shoes. I used to not be able to run at all because of shooting pains from my plantar fasciitis. These shoes have saved me!

Weight Loss: Along those lines... I've lost some more weight! At this point my goal isn't to lose weight but to tone up, yet anything I lose is an added bonus. I will say I feel a little more comfortable in my body now. I feel hot!

Border Collies: If you have one or have ever had one, then you know. I passed a lady on a run the other day with her own border collie and we gave each other a knowing smile. They are special kinds of dogs, that's for sure.
 Penny's Naps: Of course she started napping better when Brandon came home. By better, I mean, she goes down easily and sleeps for her usual 45 minutes. And now she's trying to stay up longer in the evening before bed. Getting so big!
Juicer: Nothing says Happy Anniversary like a new juicer! It's pretty awesome.

Captcha: Or however you spell it. Come on, people, just get rid of it. I took the leap and don't get spam. You can too! It's a nuisance to type those freaky letters after a comment. Wondering why you aren't getting as many comments as you want? Could be that!

Drive-In: This was a BIG no-go, again. We thought we would get her asleep and she would stay asleep. Nope. Woke up 5 minutes before the movie, screamed for about ten, and then we went home. Waste of $10!

Family: We have family visiting this weekend. Don't worry, I will still be blogging!

1 comment:

  1. I really wish that I was able to take up running again but unfortunately my ankle will just not allow me to, I will roll or sprain it every time. I messed up my ankle when I was 13 years old running from my grand mothers dog and landed in a hole and tore every ligament in my ankle, that was painful though I don't even want to think about what the pain would be like to break a bone. I was told that if it would have twisted just a millimeter more it would have broke in 2 places. I tried through out my school years to play sports and everything that I did, volleyball, basket ball, track, cheerleading, they all resulted in me getting hurt again whether it was my ankle, wrist or my knee. It all about sucked!

    I know that I could use a good tone up and lose just a few pounds.

    Okay enough about me. Congrats on your running again and being more comfortable in your body.


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