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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sponsorship and more!

Of course, instead of doing productive things like write or clean, I've been messing with my blog most of the time. Here's the latest updates!

I'm most excited about this one!! Check out my SPONSOR page! There you will be lead through a magical world of sponsorship opportunities. Not only can you purchase a fancy sponsor spot (or two or three, whatevs), you can participate in a free blog exchange program or reviews. So if you have a business, new or old, and you want to get the word out, please check out the sponsorship opportunities. It's incredibly affordable and offers tons of perks.

Blog Buttons
I've updated the page with a bunch of blogs that I follow! If you don't see your blog up there it's because a) you don't have a button silly, b) I couldn't find your button, or c) I don't follow your blog. Hey, I can't follow them all! I have a busy life! (And yes, I add new blogs ALL the time...)

I've updated that page a bit with newer links to posts.

Isn't blogging just fun?


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