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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sisterhood of the Camo Pants

I've been kinda quiet here on my blog lately. We had a slow weekend. Well, sorta. On Saturday we had friends over so I spent the entire day cleaning and getting food prepared. It went really well! I even got to use my fondue set that my mom bought me for my birthday.

Sunday we spent relaxing because Brandon was supposed to leave for SERE school yesterday. Unfortunately, he was on stand-by status and when he got there at 4:30am there were no slots open. Boo. So he was sent back with a guaranteed date in two weeks. I know, I get another two weeks before he leaves for this training, but honestly we were both mentally ready to just get it over with. Oh well! He'll be here for Mother's Day but miss our anniversary. So it goes.

I also spent the majority of the weekend working on my new blog. It debuts tomorrow, so don't be confused if you log on and this whole thing has changed! The url will remain the same!

I'm hopping on here real quick to let you know about a guest post of mine. I wrote over at Sisterhood of the Camo Pants, an awesome blog brought to you by Bravo Tango Tees. It's 52 weeks, 52 posts, 52 pairs of pants. Please check it out and follow the blog. There are some great posts there, and it'll only get better.

Don't forget to check out my blog post: Rank Change.

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