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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo-a-Day April

This is my 600th post!!

Last month I participated in the Photo-a-Day challenge, brought to us by Fat Mum Slim. I have to say, I had a great time! I loved coming up with new photos every day and following the challenges. It made my day interesting!

So here are the photos! I started on my Droid with no Instagram, and then Instagram came to Droid on my birthday, so I started using that. And then I got an iPhone on April 11 (finally!) and used that for my photos! Seriously, it's tons of fun, you should do it too.

I'll be participating in the May challenge as well. Follow my photos every day on my Facebook page. Link up if you'd like to, you can even post your progress on my page!
Day 1. Reflection - in the teapot
Day 2. Color - Penny's toy
Day 3. Mail - a first class mail package
Day 4. Someone who makes you happy - my two someone's
Day 5. Tiny - a little sprout budding
Day 6. Lunch - leftovers
 Day 7. Shadow - in the backyard
Day 8. Inside your wallet - cards
Day 9. Younger you - My sisters and I back in 2005
Day 10. Cold - ice cream bar
Day 11. Where you ate breakfast - egg and toast on the counter
Day 12. Stairs - the only "stairs" we have
 Day 13. Something you found - a delicious beer
Day 14. How you feel today - lazy dazy
Day 15.  Sunset - outside the backard
Day 16. Flower - Penny's second outfit
Day 17.  Something you don't like - doing the dishes
Day 18. Hair - Dexy fur
 Day 19. Orange - FuzziBunz and leopard print
Day 20 - Something you drew - hearts in the morning
Day 21. Bottle - oils on my counter
Day 22. Last thing you bought - Gud lotion
Day 23. Vegetable - taco night
Day 24. Something you're grateful for - sleeping babies
Day 25. Looking down - kitty kat
Day 26. Black + White - found the name Green Fields on a memorial
Day 27. Somewhere you went - doctor's office
Day 28. 1pm - outside with my compy
Day 29. Circle - broccoli for dinner
Day 30. Something that makes you sad - holes in the wall


  1. I am going to do this, but how to you get all your photos uploaded in a group like that?

  2. Cute! I love all the pictures!


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