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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Instagram Week

Are you on Instagram? If you aren't and you have a smart phone, you have no excuse. It's available on iPhone and Droid! Btw my username is CShels... follow me!

I'm a bit obsessed with it. I take all my photos with it now, the regular camera does not compare! Anyway, I thought I'd let you in on our week! Oh, and yes, I mostly take pics of Penny. How could I resist?

Last Thursday... we decided to take a walk around one of the lakes because it hadn't rained all day. And then it started pouring halfway through. Dexter freaked out from the thunder and poor Penny was crying. It was kinda funny.
 On Friday... Brandon started the day with cuddles on the couch with Penny. When he was at work, I hung out with her and she made funny faces. Later, the baby and I went to a fabric store and got a Sonic slushy for happy hour. I hadn't had Sonic in 5 years!! Brandon hates it, but I love those drinks. That night once the baby was asleep Brandon and I had an at-home date of Scrabble, wine and the newest Star Trek movie. It was super nice.
 Saturday... we had a semi-lazy start to the day with some TV on the couch. Penny likes to relax with us in her jammies. We drove around to some yard sales and then headed to Target for clothes shopping - so exciting! Brandon tried some hats on just for me. After Target Brandon ran into Dick's. I fed the baby then played in the front seat with her. She kept licking the steering wheel! That night she hung out on the counter while I made dinner and tried to eat an empty beer bottle. Silly Penny.

 Sunday... was an easy day. Brandon was gone all day being social - shooting guns with friends and then going to see The Avengers and eating Cold Stone, all without me!! But I hung out with Penny. She keeps pulling blankets and stuff over her face and I can't help but take pictures of it! Later on that night Brandon read a book to Penny before bed, our new thing to do. She loves sitting on his lap and listening.
 On Monday... what did I do? Man, I can't even think! But I know I took a whole lot of photos of Penny. This is my favorite, almost of all time. Check out that lip! (She was blowing bubbles and kisses, not pouting haha).
 Tuesday... was a super duper busy day for me. La Leche League meeting, grocery shopping, and a dentist appointment! Somewhere in between I hung out with everyone and played with Penny. She loves to grab anything I have nowadays to check it out and she tried to pick up my water bottle. I gave it to her to examine and she was fascinated.
 Wednesday... another easy day! We started with some play time on the couch. Can you believe how big she's getting? Every day is a new thing and I love watching her grow! It's been nice having Brandon around so much too.
Thursday... well, it just started! It should be a good day!

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  1. She is SO stinking adorable! And getting so big!


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