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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How You Doin'?

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the new name and design! I'm pretty happy with all of it, though I think I might tweak the design here and there. It's given me a bit more freedom knowing what to do with my blog, and now I have the option to change the design whenever I want, now that I have the basics down.

Anyway, I feel like I haven't updated about our little family a bit, so I wanted to let you know how each of us is doing. Be prepared for a photo bomb!

Dexter and Winston

Still alive and kicking! Winston was driving us crazy peeing on crap again but he seems to have stopped. Dexter is driving us crazy with his border collie-ness, always under foot and growling at us if we're not doing what we're "supposed to do." But still our lovey pets!

I took these pictures this morning. Dexter was scared for some reason and had come to cuddle with me - he laid down right beside me and we slept together, awww. Later, I made a yummy crepe breakfast and Winston decided to sit in my chair because he wanted some!

He is also doing well! He's in between courses right now and anxious for flight school to officially start so he can get in a helicopter. He enjoys driving by the air fields and checking out the helicopters. I know he's excited! Other than that, just living life!


I'm doing well! Haven't really done much these days, though my days are full. I clean, cook, go on walks, hang out with my new friends, and bring Penny shopping occasionally. We're actually about to step out the door for a little trip to the commissary and Thrift Shop! Haven't done any writing yet but I've been working on a new story.

Of course, Miss Penelope Ann gets the bulk of the photos! Pretty sure I only take photos of her these days and sometimes I sneak one of us. So it goes. At four and a half months, she is turning into quite a personality. From hearing stories about me as a baby, I can tell she takes after me a lot. She talks SO much these days and sometimes just yells at us. She loves her jumperoo, hates tummy time with a passion, and would rather be upright than laying down. She spends a lot of time in her Bumbo watching me work. She fights taking naps most of the time so I have to nurse her to sleep; she just wants to spend time with us instead. Penny loves grabbing things and that's her new thing - she reaches for everything! She keeps me busy busy busy when she's awake and once she starts moving, it's going to be so much worse!
 These next two photos crack me up. After checking herself out in the mirror for a bit, she realized she can reach the Kleenex AND pull them out! After she got bored with that, she reached back and grabbed my toothbrush.
 I'm going to end with this photo - possibly THE BEST bath time photo ever.


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