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Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy Bee!

I was worried when Brandon left that time would slow down. It seems to do that when they're gone for some reason! But I've never had him leave when I had a baby around. Oh boy, is that a big change.

The first week FLEW BY. Every day was something new. I had to go grocery shopping, then out to Petsmart, and Target, and then into town to pick up something else. I had post office runs, Lowe's deliveries, and socializing with friends. I had to wash and vacuum the car, and check the oil. I had blogs to read and blogs to write. In between all this, Penny is taking naps, and I have to eat, and Dexter needs to be walked, and gardens need to be watered, and so on...

Busy busy busy. Before I knew it, it was Friday, and he had been gone for five days. Where had the time gone? I felt kind of bad because I wasn't pining over him like I have before. Either I'm just used to this or I'm too busy to worry about missing him. I made sure to tell him goodnight every night and say that I loved him. You know, send the good vibes out there so maybe he can catch them when he closes his eyes for the night.

And no, I don't ever want to do this single parenting if I have a choice. 'Til death do us part, Brandon, and you better believe it!

I'm actually writing this blog early because as you're reading this, I'm on my way BACK from Georgia. Sneaky, sneaky me. I drove out to Augusta, Georgia, on Monday to visit my friend Christina. Remember her? She was my deployment buddy who moved back in September. She invited me out and I took the invitation. It's only a six hour drive :P. I got to spend some time with her two boys who are way too old now, and they got to meet my little baby!

Once I'm back, I have another week and a couple days until Brandon gets home. I'm excited that I've been able to keep busy and let the time go by quick. It'll be great to have him back! Well, except for the messy house and stinky boy laundry that comes with it ;)


  1. I'm glad it's going fast so far. :)

  2. Came by from the Weekend Blog Walk and wanted to say hello :-) Yay for you having hubby back!

  3. So glad the time is going by fast for you :)


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