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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You want to be a parent?

When you have a baby, your whole mindset changes. You stop thinking about you as much and start worrying about the baby. Suddenly you have this little person, this little human, who needs you every second of the day. It goes beyond the basics of feeding, changing and cuddling. No, now you're charged with the task of raising a functional human being. Wow.

It's easy being you. You know you. You know when you're tired, you go to sleep. When you're bored, you find something to do. You know your quirks, your habits, how you'll feel when it's raining and what food you like to eat. This little baby is it's own person, sure, but it's attached to you from the moment it has been conceived. Now you're not only stuck trying to figure yourself out, you're stuck figuring this thing out too.

You have some responsibility to take care of yourself now that you're an adult. Your parents have raised you, and hopefully did an okay job at it, and now you're on your own. If you decide to go to college, it's up to you. If you decide to do drugs, well, go for it, it's your body. Go pierce your ears ten times, wear shorts in the snow, and adopt a dozen cats. You have the power to control your life, good or bad. You can ruin your own life, and you can make it thrive.

You are allowed to mess up your own life, but don't think you have the right to do it to another.

You have this baby and you're sent home, everyone is happy, you have a cute little baby in your arms. But now you have the biggest responsibility of all - you have to raise this child. You have to make the important decisions for another human. It's not just your life you can ruin now, it's another persons. And not just any old person, it's your baby, your child, your flesh and blood. Whoa now.

Now you have decisions to make and it's all on you. From Day One: Vaccinate or not. Circumcise or not.  Co-sleeping, bassinet, crib in own room. Diapers. Formula or breastfeed. When to start solids. What toys to get. What clothes to wear. Stay at home, work. Childcare... nanny, babysitter, daycare, family.

And it goes on. What about schooling? Public, private, charter, even homeschool? What about activities? Soccer, baseball, dance, horseback riding, rock climbing? Haircuts. Sleep-overs. Birthdays. Bicycles. Field trips. Family trips. Learning. Exploring. Expanding. Going towards that ultimate goal of becoming a functional adult in society. And it's all on you.

Hey, no pressure. The lack of sleep, the diaper changes, the feeding and playing... well, that just feels like the easy part, now doesn't it?


  1. Yikes. I never really think about it in that big picture, but the pressure is intense!

  2. It's humbling and a bit overwhelming sometimes@


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