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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Scheduled: My scheduled posts aren't posting when I schedule them! Annoying!

Instagram: A little obsessed. All my phone photos are Instagrams nowadays. Follow me, I'll follow you: CShels.

New Phone: Loving it! I got an iPhone for my birthday finally and I've been messing with it ever since. I still have the same games (Words, Hanging and Scramble with Friends - username CShels) and some new ones, and tons of apps... ahhh can't get enough. So much cooler than my old phone. Sorry Droid.

Rainy Days: It's been rainy lately, but I like it. It never really rained in Colorado. It did in Hawaii and I liked it then too!

Earth Day Expo: Yikes, big flop. I went yesterday with Brandon in tow and Penny in the Ergo. We were pretty much the highlight of their days because no one else had really been there. A photographer followed us around. We got all kinds of freebies. We were interviewed. Brandon got pissy because he doesn't like Earth Day stuff. It was fun :P

Babies on computers: Penny has figured out my scroll pad so she's always messing with my webpages when I'm trying to work. I caught her on Pinterest the other day.

Creeper: Also caught her staring at me yesterday when I was sitting on the floor with my computer. I had to snap a piccy.
Sunday Lazy Day: I was tired after girls night like all weekend so we designated Sunday as lazy day. I didn't do much, Brandon went shooting, and then when he came home we watched two movies: I Am Legend and Chocolat. We wanted to order Thai but of course the place was closed. We ended up with Domino's and Brandon went all out - 3 pizzas, cheesy bread and lava cakes! That lasted like one day because we're pigs. I made Penny a chair out of a Boppy and a pillow, it was cute. She cried most of the night because of her teeth, poor thing.
Funny Texts from Mom: I'm compiling them because they're too good to be true. I don't know what I want to do with them... maybe a blog post? Maybe a book? Maybe a movie deal? ;)

30 Day Shred: It's going good! I've skipped a few days because I can.

Facebook: Check out my Facebook page! You can follow my April Photo a Day there instead of waiting for the catch-up blog.

Coming Up: My review of Alabama so far, a defense of Facebook, and other day to day things.

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