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Friday, April 27, 2012

Penny's Sleep Schedule

A couple weeks ago I read the 90 Minute Sleep Solution by Doctor Polly Moore. It was a quick read and had some practical advice on sleep. Basically, every person has a 90 minute cycle of rest and activity. While an adult doesn't need to crash after those 90 minutes, a baby needs a nap, so keep an eye out for it. As they get older those 90 minutes turn into three hours and to four and a half hours, and so on, between naps. Penny is still on the 90 minutes.

The back of the book had charts where you can write down the sleep and awake periods. I decided to give it a try. I had no idea if Penny had a pattern or not, and I love filling out forms, so why not?

After a few days, I decided I needed a better way to see how she was sleeping. I have too much time on my hands, apparently, because I devised a beautiful Excel sheet with colors and all! On the left hand column I put times. Every hour from midnight to seven, and then every 15 minutes from there until ten at night, then every hour. I chose blue for night sleep, orange for awake time and purple for naps.
After charting for a week, I decided that I wanted to see how the pattern went for another week. Control group, you know? And what a surprise, it's the same!

I discovered that on a typical day, Penny takes four naps - morning, lunch, afternoon and evening. They occur roughly at the same time. She wakes up around 7:15 am (and as I write this, we're getting awfully close to waking time!), and she goes to bed around 7:30am. Her naps are on average 45 minutes.

Not only that, I wrote down the times she woke up at night. If you can see in this little photo, it's a lot. See how much I'm getting up with her? Bleh.

After my two week experiment, I'm feeling more confident about things. I realized that in all, she is getting the proper amount of sleep appropriate for her age. Still haven't figured out why she's waking up at night crying, but I have some suspicions and a doctor appointment this afternoon to confirm/deny. I do like the fact that now I have a rough schedule on the day. I know what to expect and I can schedule my day around her naps. Freedom!

Maybe I should chart my own sleep? ;)


  1. It's always easier when a schedule starts to emerge. I really liked when my kids finally started to have one.

  2. Baby sleep schedules are so tough!


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