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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey, Its Okay Tuesday!

I haven't done one of these in awhile. Why not? Link up with Airing My Dirty Laundry and check out her new blog design while you're at it!

Hey, It's Okay...

To still be contemplating doing some blog overhauls. Eh, it might not happen.

To not want to put the car seat on top of the shopping cart. What if it just falls right off? Scary.

To feed Winston early so he can stop bothering me.

To be sad that Penny's hair is lighter at the roots. I like her dark hair, I like that she looks like me!

To chart the baby's sleep cycles for two weeks - that'll be a blog post soon!

To keep the story you're working on open in the background. It makes it so that I work on it more.

To buy a new, two piece bathing suit 4 months after having the baby. I think I look pretty good still! Back to my pre-baby weight and hoping to lose more.

To not have much to say because I don't do much these days :P

To freaking love this face.


  1. I love her cheeks!! I totally turned into that weird old lady who loves to grab baby cheeks. hahaha.

  2. So cute. And yea for a two piece, girl!

  3. Your baby is adorable! And I say celebrate being able to wear a 2 piece and feel comfortable in it!!

  4. You have such a cute baby! And way to go you should be able to rock a 2 piece!

  5. I would always put my baby seat in the basket part of the cart and try and pile all of my groceries in the front and around her seat. It definitely limited impulse purchases because there is NO room for groceries with a baby in the cart! But I never felt safe with it up front either!

  6. She is adorable!

    I'm working on a story too. I need to concentrate more on it so I can finish.


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