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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Florida Trip

We went to Florida! On a whim on Friday night we decided to drive down to Florida. We literally live just less than two hours from the beach so we thought, why not?

Driving down, we realized that I hadn't been to Florida since I went to DisneyWorld when I was 9 or 10, and Brandon hadn't been since 2003! Imagine that. I also had no swam in the Gulf of Mexico since our cruise when I was 13-ish, and he hadn't been since 2004. I guess this trip was more epic than we expected.

Our first stop was Pier Park in Panama City Beach. It was super busy, not surprising for a Saturday. We found a good parking spot, though, and headed in to window shop. We stopped at BWW for some lunch, of course. Yum, buffalitos and chicken tenders! Penny was all decked out for our trip. (She looks pretty excited, huh? Haha she's so dramatic sometimes).

After lunch we browsed some more, stopping to play a shooting game and get some Italian ice. We also went into a couple stores, including the As Seen on TV store. Then we made our way across the street to take a walk on the longest pier in the Gulf (supposedly!). By this time Penny was getting tired and she cried for half of it, so we tried to carry her, but she wasn't having it.
Our next stop was the beach at St Andrew's State Park. It took us forever to get there (people kept crossing the street in front of us...) and of course, Penny was just in a bad mood. I insisted we change into our bathing suits but we never went swimming - the water was too cold! We've been a bit spoiled by Hawaii, I think. We realized that our beach trips are cut a little short by this baby of ours. She was just too tired and grumpy, we couldn't do much except lay in the sun for a bit. She did look super cute in her bathing suit, though.
And then it was time to go home! I sat in the back seat to help Penny relax. She only slept for a bit and for the rest of the trip home she did this:
That was certainly a stressful end to our trip! We're coming to the realization that we can't go on trips with her very often, not until she's figured out the whole napping thing. But hey, it was fun! Now Penny has been to 13 states in her first 16 weeks. What a traveler!


  1. our babes have sure seen alot!! she'll get it figured out soon enough :) at least you guys had fun!

  2. We were on the beach right next to that pier on Saturday :) And yes..the water was freezing!!

  3. Wow, impressive traveling for a little one! :) And she does look absolutely adorable in her swim suit!


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