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Monday, April 9, 2012

Flight School

Last Wednesday, on my birthday of course, Brandon had a mandatory FRG meeting to attend. The wives were encouraged to go but the guys had to go, so I figured, might as well. Luckily, Penny woke up from her nap just in time!

The meeting was pretty informative. Brandon knew everything he was saying but he never tells me all the details, so it was nice to hear. The Major outlined exactly how flight school would go. How long each different class period would take (there are four) and what to expect during those times.

Wow, we're actually here. By this summer, Brandon is going to be flying a helicopter. Flying a helicopter. Now that is something!

I was reminded that this honeymoon period of ours will be over soon. He hasn't really had to work much since he got back from deployment last June. He's had half days and a lot of time off. Heck, since we PCS'd at the end of January, he hasn't worked more than three or four days. That's, what, over two months of Brandon time. It's been so nice to have him around to help with Penny and keep me company.

Flight school is going to keep him busy. He'll be up before the sun and back by dinnertime, and then spending the evening studying for the next day. This is a pretty intense class, and why shouldn't it be? He has to learn the ins and outs of flying a big machine through the air. Oh, but we're excited.

The one class I'm not so much looking forward to is SERE (Survival, evasion, resistance, escape) school. It's three weeks long and we won't have any communication at all. No calls, no webcam, no FB, no texts, no letters... nothing. And he'll be just miles away! As sad as it sounds, we've never gone more then ten days without talking to each other. At least I have my blog to keep me company, huh? I know Brandon is excited for this school, anyway, so that's a positive. It'll be my first time really taking care of Penny alone - I'm a bit nervous for some reason!

We're really happy to be here. This is what Brandon wants and the meeting just made me more and more excited for him. Sure, it'll be tough, but it'll be so worth it!


  1. You can always come visit us while Brandon's at SERE if you want!!

  2. If you can find time at all to study with Brandon, that may be your quality time together. Flight school is difficult and they work so hard. Helping Husband study was the best way we could spend time together and he could still get everything accomplished. I know you have a little one, but it may be worth as try.
    SERE school is weird in that the first week he's back he'll eat everything! I'm sure you know they're not supposed to share with you what happens, so don't be surprised if he's standoff-ish at first. Just give him his space and he'll come around. (Obviously every relationship is different and you know your husband better than anyone else, but that's a pretty safe general piece of advice.)
    Enjoy flight school!

  3. that stinks it will be such long days for him and everything, but how exciting the outcome will be!

  4. How awesome that you've had so much time together over the last few months! Flight school would be incredibly exciting, I'm sure the days will get long but what a wonderful result in the end! And you'll be great on your own with Penny!

  5. I know how you feel. My husband is in med school and he has to do audition rotations in Missouri during May and June. We do get to talk but that is a long time to go without seeing each other. He is worried that our sun will forget him :(.

  6. wow, that is a long stretch - but worth it if it's survival training. AND oh my heck, every time i hear "helicopter pilot" my immediate reaction is "AWESOME!" heh. : )

  7. I'm sure some days will be rough, but that's exciting!

    And I remember being scared to be alone with Millie the first couple of times, too. :)

  8. Yay I'm excited for all of you. But, sad that you're peace and quiet honeymoon period will be ending. The 3 weeks no talking, while he is just miles away would drive me up a wall! I hope those 3 weeks go quickly.


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