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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Evolution of a Blog

I started blogging four years ago. In fact, my first blog, Chantal's Blog, had its first post on March 15, 2008. I wasn't even married then, I complained about my mom, and I let my thoughts just spill out. Sort of how I do on this blog. B+C&Baby first began when Brandon deployed, and Day One was posted July 1, 2010. If you knew me back then, this blog was titled A Blog a Day While You're Away.

I've always called myself a military spouse blogger. It makes sense, I'm married to Brandon, who is in the Army, and sometimes my blog posts are military related. But in light of the MilSpouse nominations, I've started to evaluate where this blog really is. Can I even style myself as a milspouse blogger anymore? Or is there more to me?

I've noticed, as often happens, that since Penny came along, my blog has shifted into more of a mommy/baby blog. I write about what I know and about my life and right now my life is this little baby. Day in and day out I'm doing the mommy thing, while the milspouse portion of my life has taken a comfortable backseat. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I'm a little sad to see that my blog, in my eyes anyway, has drifted away from the Army part and more towards the Mommy part. I feel like I identified with the milspouse community and now I feel like I'm a bit of an outsider. I know what I could do to fix it, I could blog about Army stuff more, but I don't think I have much to add to the community that hasn't already been said. And anyway, I like blogging about our day to day lives here, even if it's all about the baby.

So hey, this little blog has changed a bit, but that's how things go. It went from no followers to over 200, from a blog complaining about my mom to offering helpful hints about cloth diapers. This blog has been through a wedding, college, moving Georgia-Hawaii-Alabama, and through a deployment and back. For the most part, I'm happy with the direction it has taken!

On that note, if you ever want to see some specific content, just leave me a blog post anywhere. I wrote those cloth diaper posts because of some interest. I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. I've felt that way too. I started blogging right before the deployment and then he was deployed and I was pregnant, then I had Evelyn and its all about her! I dont mind it though because I can connect with other Milspouse mommys such as you, and regular moms.
    Its also a good way to show those who are not milspouses how our lives develop in and out of deployments. How our lives are not all about the military.

  2. I think it's natural to evolve as you grow and life experiences change you. Maybe you'll start blogging more about Army life, who knows. But I don't care - I like your blog and all the fun things you write and share about!!

  3. This is seriously exactly what I'm planning a blog post on. I blogged so much about the deployment and now that it's over ummm what do I talk about now? haha I love your blog though! I love the recipes, updates on Penny and your lives.

  4. We like reading it, so just be who you are. :)

  5. I just like reading what you write.

    I've never classified my blog. It's part mom blog. Part military spouse blog. Part whatever blog.

  6. I've enjoyed reading what you write, from deployment topics to sweet photos of Penny. These lovely blogs are about our lives and what is going on at the moment. I guess it's natural for them to evolve and change focus as it progresses. I've felt the same way about mine. Now that the deployment is over for us, I feel like I don't have a whole lot to say that relates to our life with the military, especially since when my husband is home and the Army is only part of our lives every so often. Right now he is at training, so the focus has shifted back a bit, but once he is home again, it'll probably be more of our daily lives. Anyway, long comment - sorry! But we all love to read whatever you have to say!


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