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Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm pretty sure one of the most important baby items is diapers. The stores can entice you to buy all kinds of baby gear, but when it comes down to it, you need diapers.

We used disposables for six weeks there while we were moving. I was using Huggies on recommendations from most everybody and we found that they just kept leaking whenever she pooped. Annoying. We used Pampers Swaddlers for a bit, but they smelled funny. Heck, all the disposables smelled funny. Then that last weekend we bought some Luvs and discovered that they work fantastically on Penny. Oh well.

Now we've been back on cloth diapers since we got to Alabama. We're four months into using cloth diapers and I wanted to give you a little review on the brands we use! No, I wasn't asked to do these reviews or paid or anything. All my own opinion.

Pre-folds: We started on pre-folds, using the Bummis organic infant size with both Thirsties covers and wool covers made by Brandon's mom. These are the diapers your grandparents used, but modernized and made better. You don't need to use pins anymore, you use Snappi's, a diaper fastener thing. Since the pre-fold itself isn't waterproof you have to use a cover, hence the Thirsties or wool covers. These worked well for when she was a newborn because you can reuse the cover, as long as it hasn't been pooped on.
Now the pre-folds worked well for us for those first 6 weeks but I was anxious for her to fit properly in pocket diapers. Once we got to Alabama, we started exclusively using pocket diapers, only dipping into the pre-folds for emergencies. I <3 pocket diapers!!

Flip's: These are not technically a pocket diaper, but I'm sticking them down here. They're essentially a cover with an insert. They seemed a good idea and a good transition from pre-folds, but Brandon and I don't really like them. Sure, you can switch the insert, but only if she pees. Poop just gets all over the cover anyway. And they're hell trying to put on with messing them up because the insert just sits there. I only use them as a last resort. Some people swear by them though!

Nubunz: I bought the Nubunz early on when I found out they were having a sale. $5 for a diaper? Score. Against my original wishes, I ended up with four velcro diapers, not ones with snaps. The velcro hasn't been all that terrible and they go on like a disposable would, it's just annoying in the wash if they come undone. No real complaints about these diapers. I don't like adjusting the size with the snaps in the front, though.
ALVA baby: These are my other cheapo diapers. They work much like the bumGenius (see below), but I love the cool patterns they come in. Again, just like the Nubunz, I don't like how they adjust sizes with snaps in the front.

bumGenius When it came time to choose a pocket diaper, people steered us towards bumGenius or Fuzzibunz (below). It was right down the middle - some preferred BG and others FB. We got a bit of both to try them out. The bumGenius are nice, fit well and are nice and soft inside. Buuut like the Nubunz and ALVA's, they have those annoying size adjustment snaps on the front and I just don't like that. And they're harder to bottom around the waste for some reason, maybe because they only have two snaps. I don't know. I won't be buying more of these, but I still use the ones we have.
Fuzzibunz: I wanted to save my favorites for last. I love my Fuzzibunz. The key feature is the size adjustment - you adjust the leg gussets, not with snaps on the front. It makes the diaper look better and fit better. Also, they have three snaps on the top, not the standard two. It makes for a better waist fit. The inserts are just a little harder to put in, that's one complaint. But I liked these so much that I got extras!

There you have it, a review of the cloth diaper brands that I own. Really, cloth diapers have been the easiest and cheapest way to go about diapering for us. I'd encourage anyone to use them! And please, ask me any questions, if you have them.


  1. Thanks for the info! My mom used the white prefolds with giant safety pins for my brother and I in the early 80s! I'm planning on 1/2 BumGenius and 1/2 Fuzzibunz to begin with for our baby F.

  2. I thought about cloth diapers for the new baby- but with 2 in diapers I don't know how well I'd be able to keep up on them. It's nice to read your review though!

  3. We use cloth too - and I have majority of Fuzzibunz and I also LOVE them!!! Thanks for sharing your take on them!

  4. Holy crap that's a lot of diapers. We only did the bum genius but we love them. We started when Little Boy was two weeks old so that was about nine months ago and I've had no complaints. I love how easy CDing is now! Aren't we spoiled?

  5. Nice review... I was considering Flips since I like the idea of hybrid cloth diapers but instead I got gDiapers and GroVia. I'm not a big fan of pocket cloth diapers.

  6. Thanks for all the info! I'm having my baby girl in about 6 weeks, and we have some prefolds and all in one Kawaii dipes. I need to get some thirsties covers for the prefolds still. Do you have any advice for washing diapers for the first few times? Aren't you supposed to wash them like 3 times or something before use to make them more absorbent? Also, what detergent do you wash your diapers with? I've read alot of different reviews & I'm not sure what detergent to start with! Thanks again! Amanda

  7. I love that they have a snap to keep the inserts from sliding around. Looking forward to trying these!


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