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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bad Mommy

Today, I feel like a bad mommy. I'm getting so frustrated with this little baby of mine and I know I shouldn't. It's not her fault she isn't sleeping well, I know she's trying.

This weekend was rough. On Friday, she slept good. Well, good as in she finally fell asleep by 10pm, slept until about 3am, and then slept until 7:30am. That was nice. Saturday was bad. We put her down before 9, but then she decided to get up around 10:30 and stay up until midnight. I let Brandon sleep so he could take the morning shift and I sat on the couch with her. She managed to put herself to sleep on the couch, slept until 3:30 and then again until about 7. But I was TIRED.

Last night, she had a rough time falling asleep at first for her nightly nap. She went down at 7:45 finally, woke up at about 9, I fed her, changed her, and rocked her to sleep again. She woke up half an hour later, I rocked her some more, and she slept until midnight. And then until 2am. And then until 3:30am. I finally pulled her into bed, she slept until 5:30am, woke up crying, I rocked her some more, put her in her own bed, slept until 7:30...

This is even worse than when she was a newborn! I think that is what's frustrating me the most. When she was a newborn, it was simple - feed her, rock her, she eventually slept. Now, I try to rock her, she struggles. I tried swaddling, she struggles. I think, maybe she's hungry, but then she doesn't eat much. It's affecting her daytime naps too.

I know she needs to nap and sleep. I'm hoping this is all because she's starting to teethe. I just hate that I can't figure out exactly what she wants from me, you know? I feel bad because I sorta dread when she's awake because soon, I have to struggle to put her down for a nap. When she's awake, I just want to lay her down on her playmat so I can do other stuff. When she's asleep, I just veg on the couch. All because I'm so tired.

Don't worry, I'm just complaining a bit here, not seeking advice. I do look forward to the fun moments she has these days. The talking, the grabbing toys, the dancing... those melt my heart!

And really, look how cute this baby is. My Little Canuck!


  1. I'd be frustrated too. I like my sleep, ha. I hate when the kids are pains in bed.

  2. I can't remember if Penny is 3 or 4 months old (maybe older if I'm really off-base?) but I have heard rumors about "sleep regressions" at that age. Sam just never slept AT ALL until he was 4 months old, so I can't comment if the rumors are true or not. I hope she gets over the hump soon! Not sleeping is just NOT FUN.

  3. I think it's totally ok that you complain a little - sometimes you just gotta! Babies who are having a hard time sleeping make for a tired, frustrated mama sometimes! Hope it gets better soon!

  4. Oh I am going through the SAME thing! the last 2 nights Evelyn has struggled so bad with staying asleep for more then an hour or two at a time. Nothing has even changed so I dont really know where its coming from. I am betting another tooth is coming down but she's never had issues with teething before so its hard to pinpoint it. Hopefully we get some sleep soon!!

  5. Neither of my kids were good sleepers, but I do remember at about that same age they had a really rough time. Their teeth bothered them, they went through a growth spurt, they didn't need quite as much sleep as they had been getting, etc. It was very frustrating and all I felt like I did at times was try to get them to sleep and I never had time to get the things done that needed accomplished. But we stuck with it and eventually they got better. I hope things are calming down and she lets you sleep soon!


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