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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What About Penny?

Our stuff has arrived (and so far only one bowl broken), the internet has been hooked up, and we're finally starting to settle into our new home. After that initial shock of realizing I have to unpack all this junk, I'm having a good time. It's nice to open a new box and figure out where things will go. I'm looking forward to that last bit where all I need to do is hang pictures on the wall. We're getting there!

Our couch and recliner were delivered yesterday and we're loving them already. So comfy and new.

I feel like, in all this chaos of moving, I haven't talked about Penny that much. She doesn't care if I blog about her, but I do! She's such a big and important part of our lives. As I type this now she is staring at me upside-down while she lays on the couch and kicks Brandon. Such a cutie.

Here's a sneak peak of our new couch from yesterday, after they delivered it:
I'll be updating more on her on Friday for her 3 month post. Wait a second... 3 months? Yep, my baby will be 3 months on Friday and I can't believe it. I love seeing her getting so big and strong, and figuring stuff out. Soon, she'll be rolling over. Soon, she'll start grabbing toys and actually trying to play with them. And then soon she'll be eating solid foods, and crawling, and walking, and saying real words... wow!

She's been doing great with this entire move. The last few nights she's decided to get up around 1am and then around 5am, but I'm guessing it's probably just a growth spurt. She's back in cloth diapers as of yesterday and we're all loving it. These days she sits in the Bumbo while we unpack.

We ordered her nursery furniture this past weekend. The crib arrived yesterday and the dresser comes sometime in the next week. Once it's all set up and everything, we'll start working on putting her in her own room. It'll definitely be harder on me than her! I don't think we'll be moving her until she's past this growth spurt, because I don't feel like walking down the hall a couple times a night :P

Anyway, Penny is doing great. I think she likes Alabama a lot! More about her on Friday!


  1. I can't get over how CUTE she is! And her hair!! Glad y'all are getting settled in! :)

  2. I just love all her hair and how cute she is! She's quite a traveler already at 3 months! Time sure went fast too!

  3. I always played a game with myself when unpacking. The "What is it game", it was kinda like Christmas. ;-)

  4. Gosh, she is so adorable! I am so glad you are having fun moving in - that's awesome!


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