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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We might have a teether...

Yep, you read that right. There's a good chance that we might have begun the teething process.

After another exhausting night (she didn't fall asleep until 10:30pm, woke up at 2am, 2:30am and 4:30am), I was texting my friend, jokingly asking if all babies turn difficult at three months. She texted back, asking if there's a chance she could be teething. We went back and forth over the symptoms and yep, Penny has most of them.

Symptoms: Drooling more, having difficulty nursing, whining/crying, chewing on hands more, trouble sleeping.
I'm sure you're thinking, Wait, isn't Penny only three months old? Isn't that a bit too early?

Well, hold your horses there. Babies can start as early as three months. It doesn't mean they will get their teeth right away, but the process could be starting. Every baby is on a different time table, so while one could start teething at three months, another could wait until she's twelve months! Everything in the books is an average. Oh, and Brandon started getting teeth at four months, so it's very very likely she's following in her daddy's footsteps.

So what's a mom to do? I sent Brandon out to get some Orajel for fast relief, which she was very thankful for. The whining has reduced dramatically. I'm probably going out today to try and find some teething tablets. Our biggest problem right now with most remedies is she's too young to do most of them - sucking on a cold/frozen washcloth or a teething ring. She doesn't grab things and bring them to her mouth very much, and we found out that stuffing these things in her mouth doesn't help much either haha. So we're sticking with the Orajel and teething tablets right now.

I will say, she slept much better last night. She woke up at 2:30am like she's been doing, I fed her quickly and she went back to sleep until 7:30am, with only a couple times where she woke up and cried but fell asleep a minute later.

My poor baby. She's too little to have this stuff happening to her!
(I decided to be safe and start watermarking my photos. And yes, Penny is in the Moby - we tried it yesterday and she liked it! Hallelujah!)


  1. Oh goodness! I once read that *some* babies are BORN with a full set of teeth! Yikes! But at least they got the horrible teething process over with in-utero, so there's that... lol But poor mama! Yeowch!

  2. Emmie started teething around 4 months ... her gums are just now starting to get white at 5.5 months. BUT you can use Infant Tylonel! Our ped gave it to us after her 2 month shots to use. We will give her a dose before bedtime on nights where it seems to hurt the most and it helps a lot. And the teething tablets are amazing! Walmart carries them!

  3. I know you may not be interested in Tylenol but that seemed to help Evelyn alot more then the Oragel did. Although Evelyn has surprisingly been a very good teether, she even had a tooth come in without us even noticing.
    Its so cute when they get those teeth though!! Evelyns looking like shes got her 2 front teeth coming out and she already has 3.
    I hope you get so rest mama!

  4. Go practical. Some teethers have different functions. Blankets with rubber corners can be a soothing toy for bedtime.


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