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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update on the Pudge

Check out yesterday's post Any Questions? and let me know what's on your minds!

I always speak too soon; I guess I'm a little too impatient! As of this weekend, I am weighing in at 144 pounds. That is about two pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Aaaannnddd I put on my pre-pregnancy jeans and I could actually button them. Score!

There wasn't any magic to it. Most of it is genetics and eating well. I lost most of the weight before we even left Hawaii, so about six weeks post-partum, but there were those five to seven pounds that were sticking around. Then we lived in a series of hotels, ate out a lot, and spent time with our families where we, not surprisingly, ate a lot.

Brandon and I made a promise that as soon as we got to Alabama, we would eat well. The healthy eating didn't really start until we moved in, seeing as we were still living in a hotel, but we jumped right in. Thank goodness for the Richard Simmons FoodMover. It's a system that helps you track your portions and makes sure you eat all good food. The first week he outlines every meal, so we followed it. Brandon has lost like ten pounds (darn boys) and I lost five. In about a week and a few days.

I'm more excited that I fit into my size 8s again. I still have 10s I'll wear for comfort sake, seeing as the 8s are a bit tight, but it's a nice feeling.

My next plan is to do the 100 pushup challenge, start doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and basically working out. Sure, I'm skinnier, but geez, I feel so out of shape. Maybe I'll take up running again... if I can find time ;)

Oh, and a plus side to breastfeeding? My bigger boobs make my tummy look even smaller!


  1. Nice work! Doesn't it feel good to be moving and eating healthy?! Good luck with those last few pounds!

  2. You rock! If you didn't already have this awesome blog, I'd say be a guest blogger on my Goodbye Baby Blubber Blog", but I look forward to your updates here. :D If you ever do want to blog for me though, you're ALWAYS welcome.

  3. That is awesome- Way to go! It's a good feeling when your body begins getting to the place you want it after having a baby!

  4. Great job! I feel the same way, skinny enough but just out of shape! I've done the 30 Day Shred before and was amazed at how well it worked, but I've never made it the whole 30 days! Keep up the good work!


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