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Monday, March 19, 2012

Buy Buy Buy

Whoa! What a whirlwind week it's been! We moved in, unpacked most of the house (I'm looking at you, guest bedroom), and have been all over the place setting up shop. We've been buying all kinds of things that we needed and wanted for the house. Shelves for the garage, a new super duper expensive but super nice vacuum, nursery furniture, decorations, couches, recliners, bathroom fixtures... ah!

We budgeted all this money, but it still feels like we're spending a whole bunch. I guess we just haven't had such a shopping spree in awhile. But thank goodness for our tax return or else all this stuff would be on the back burner. We've used that return for the majority of these purchases.

I got accepted to Amazon Mom a few weeks ago, like I mentioned before, and we've been taking advantage of the free 3 months of 2-day shipping. I ordered Penny's crib and it showed up the next day. I've also ordered her crib sheets, crib mattress, mattress pad, and new SleepSacks that all showed up within a couple days. I <3 Amazon!

We've been to Lowe's a bazillion times picking out new bathroom pieces and new shelves for Brandon. They have a great military discount. I'm sure we'll be back soon to buy some paint for a couple projects I have.

Before I go, I wanted to brag about this awesome vacuum. It's a Miele Leo - a top of the line canister vacuum.

We needed a new one (we left ours in Hawaii since it was half-broken) and were scouring Amazon for the best kind. First, we settled on a canister vacuum because they're easier to maneuver and are a little better for the allergies. Then we settled on the Miele brand because it's German (we like our German products) and they had awesome reviews. Miele had tons of different models, so we spent some time watching YouTube videos on them and reading reviews. Then Brandon told me we could spend $500 from the tax return on a vacuum and if I wanted a more expensive one, it would be coming from my car fund.

Eh, whatever. I want a vacuum that'll last years and years. So I fronted some money and ordered that yellow guy off Amazon. I won't tell you how much I paid, you can easily look it up yourself and be shocked :P

It gets here this week - probably today or tomorrow. I'm so excited!

I think our spending sprees will be slowing down soon. We've sort of purchased everything we need, except all my garden supplies. That's a whole other post!


  1. It seems like every PCS there is always so much to buy for the new house! Of course, with a nursery you had quite a bit more!

  2. I know its bizarre to call a vacuum "cute" but seriously, that vacuum is cute!


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