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Friday, February 24, 2012

Thirteen Years of being an American

Did you know today is my Citizenship Day? I wrote about it last year too! Thirteen years ago we piled into a car, drove down from Canada to Vermont and were sworn in as Americans.

Once upon a time, my mom worked for a company called Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle). This company had branches throughout the entire world and when my mom got word that she could put in to be transferred, she started getting the itch to move. My parents talked about going to far off places like Belize, but they settled on two states: Florida or Colorado. How did we end up in Colorado? They would pay to move us there but wouldn't to Florida. Plus, my mom didn't like the idea of potential hurricanes!

So in late May 1999, we moved down to Colorado. My mom started the process of citizenship a year and a half before, though. My Nanny (my mom's mom) is actually American, born near Detroit, so my mom became a citizenship through her. And since my little sister and I were younger than 16, we automatically got citizenship. My two older sisters and my dad had to get green cards, though.

Anyway, I've been an American officially for thirteen years. People still call me Canadian and laugh over some of my Canadianess, but I consider myself an American.

Happy Citizenship Day!


  1. Happy Citizenship Day! What a fun family history! :)

  2. What a great story! Happy citizenship day!


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