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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penny - Two Months

Penny - you're two months old!

Wow! Two months! Time is just flying and we're having so much fun with you. Last time we weighed you, about a week ago, you came in at almost eleven pounds. I'm sure you're even bigger by now. I don't know how long you are but you've outgrown a lot of your sleepers, so you've definitely gotten longer. Your hair is a beautiful brown and your eyes have stayed a steely blue, but I think they might be lightening up.

You've graduated from most of your newborn clothes! You fit perfectly in 0-3 month sleepers and 0-3 month onesies. You have long feet, which means bigger socks, and skinny legs, which calls for smaller pants. Since we're moving, you've been in disposable diapers, a size 2. Once we get settled, you'll finally be in pocket cloth diapers!

You still have no issues with eating. You prefer the right side but you'll put up with the left for a good meal. You nurse about every three hours during the day and go awhile during the night.

Speaking of nighttime - it's been wonderful!! The last couple of weeks you've decided to sleep six, seven, even eight hours. Can you believe that? We put you down around nine o'clock and you sleep until four or five in the morning, nurse a bit, and then sleep some more. It's fantastic. You're really spoiling this mommy!

You've decided you don't like falling asleep on our chests anymore because there is just so much to look at. You use your pacifier to relax and fall asleep all by yourself. If I need to rock you, it's usually pretty quick. You spend more time awake, especially in the morning, and you just wiggle and talk. You do so much now!

You still hate tummy time, but we do it anyway. You started to scream a special scream whenever you're on your belly for too long, it's funny. You'd much prefer to lie on your back or sitting up looking around. You love watching TV with Daddy and singing songs with Mommy. This month you even met your cousin Avelyn!

This has been a month of developments! We can't believe how much you've grown and how much you do. We're so excited to see how much happens in the next month!


  1. I cannot get over her HAIR! Omg so cute. And she sleeps so long at night!!! Tell me your secrets!!! I need to know them so I don't turn into a crazy person once this baby arrives!!! :)

  2. She is getting so big! And I love all her hair! Too cute!

  3. She is just so beautiful! And getting so big! I love her hair, it's so full! Love it!

  4. Penny is adorable!!! She sounds so precious....almost actually makes me want kids of my own one day :).


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