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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moving (Part Two) - Hotel Blunders

Our move-out inspection was at 10am on Thursday and we couldn't check into the hotel until 3pm, so Brandon and I had some time to kill. We cleared out of housing and then drove around post a bit so he could get some signatures. Then he got a haircut and we had lunch! After that, Brandon dropped me off at my friends house so he could do more stuff and Penny and I didn't have to sit in the car the whole time.

After that, we headed down to Waikiki to check in! We decided on the Embassy Suites because it's a suite with two rooms and they give you free breakfast and then free drinks at night. Can't beat that!

Unfortunately, we had some issues at first. We got there, Brandon dropped me off so he could go park the car somewhere else. I went upstairs with the luggage and baby. After the guy showed me our room, I decided to have a quick wake-up shower. That's when I realized I didn't like our room - it was an ADA room.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't too bad. I just really wanted a bathtub! Plus, when I turned on the shower, water pretty much went throughout the whole bathroom. Oh, and it had two queen sized beds and Brandon wanted a king size. Sooo... we asked to switch! We moved higher up and into a room that suited us better.

We got this pretty cool view, too:

Here's a view of our living room:

Not too bad! I'm happy with our choice. I was so exhausted from being awake at 4am with Penny, I just wanted to pass out. We didn't bring the pack n pay for the first night (no room in the 'Stang), so Penny was in the king bed with us. We had plenty of room, but I was awake half the night because she wiggled and grunted SO MUCH. It was ridiculous.

But hey, we're settled in now. Friday was much better and we had a final Hail & Farewell at Dave & Buster's. Now that we're moved out we can go to the beach and relax! And then in just over a week, it's off to our next destination!

Come back on Monday - I'm hosting an awesome giveaway!!


  1. I have tried sleeping with my nephew and niece...they wiggle WAY too much! LOL. Hope you've gotten some sleep! :)

  2. Omg! Enjoy the beach and vacation time! Glad you got an awesome room! :)


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