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Friday, February 3, 2012

Moving (Part One) - Packing Up and Moving Out!

After a very busy week, we are finally settled into the hotel. I have internet (no more phone surfing!) and I can catch up on blogs and write the blog posts I've been writing in my head!

Tuesday was our first moving day. They sent one guy to come and pack up. He said more guys were coming but they ended up tied somewhere else! He was super quick, though, and sailed through most of the downstairs and began working upstairs before he headed out mid-afternoon. I swear, these Hawaiians don't like to stay very late! But it's ok, he got a lot done and I figured they'd be done by lunchtime the next day.

A guy came and picked up our couches on Tuesday afternoon. I'm glad to be rid of those! Time for new couches! But this left Penny and I with nowhere to sit the next day, as they were packing up our bedroom. I tried out the stairs for a bit and then we decided to keep the bouncy chair so Penny at least could be comfy.

That's the same day, by the way. She decided to poop on two of her outfits... thanks baby.

Anyway, Wednesday saw us with four guys coming to pack! It still took them until 2:30pm to pack up and load everything. They did a great job and we celebrated with pizza, which they devoured (always feed your movers!)

We said goodbye to our stuff on Wednesday and were left with pretty much an empty house.

And then... we cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. For five hours straight on Wednesday and two hours on Thursday morning before the move out inspection. Somehow, we made it. I scrubbed those damn toilets like I never have before and Brandon spent hours in the stupid bathtub. Goodness, they better thank us!

We moved out with no charges (magic!) and only having to pay $95 for some pet de-fleaing. It was nice! We said goodbye to our home of two and a half years, the longest we've ever lived anywhere together, and headed to our next destination: The hotel.

Part Two coming tomorrow morning!

Also, be sure to come back on Monday for a giveaway!!

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  1. shes so cute!!! I'm almost loving everyones moving stories, since I am PCS'ing soon and its my first one! I was already planning on feeding my movers but it amazes me people dont!
    I hope the hotels at least comfy :)


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