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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ditch the Dish?

I never thought I would ever say this but... I'm thinking we might cancel our Dish Network.

I've realized over the course of this move that we really don't need to have access to all those channels. When we were living in the hotel, we barely touched the TV. Same with at my mom's, dad's and the in-law's so far. The in-law's don't even have cable, so it isn't tempting me.

Sure, I miss the shows we've always watched, but we can catch them on their websites. We spend more time watching Netflix Instant Play than anything else. So do we really need the Dish?

I really want to stop watching TV during the day, especially as Penny gets older. I want to spend time playing with her, reading, keeping up on chores, walking the dog, exercising, writing, learning, everything that I want to do but I get distracted by the TV! And it isn't like we're totally getting rid of it, we will still relax in the evenings with Netflix.

I guess Penny is the biggest reason why I don't want it anymore. I don't want her to spend hours sitting in front of the TV. She's already loving it whenever it's on and it concerns me. I want her to play and learn other ways and not zone out, you know? Not that TV is bad and we'll completely cut it out, I just don't want it all the time.

Do you think we can do it? Completely get rid of the Dish, the DVR, the access to TV right away? It's a scary thought but we're considering it!

Edit: I wrote this post on Friday morning and by Sunday afternoon, Brandon and I had come to a decision - we're ditching the dish! We're going to stick with Netflix Instant Play and Hulu Plus, bringing our bill down from about $85 to $16 a month. We should be able to watch all our favorite shows too!!


  1. Awesome! We are planning on getting rid of our cable too, but we just found out that our "contract" doesn't expire til next year and we'd have to pay penalties for canceling early! Grrrr.... We don't let Sammy watch tv either. I can't stand the zoned-out look he gets if he sees it on!

  2. we just did that! We love Hulu and Netflix! Althought it sucks that we cant watch our HBO and Showtime shows so we are concidering getting Dish in Bragg. But we'll just wait and see!

  3. We just do Hulu and Netflix and it's great. I have zero need for tv. During football season I miss a lot of what's going on, but lets be serious Hawaii, isn't going to be playing the games I want to watch anyways. It's awesome to have a $16 bill.

  4. We tried that, but realized that most of what we watch is Food Network (not available on Hulu or Netflix) and sports (not available on Hulu or Netflix). Then again, we don't watch much TV to begin with, so we feel like paying for all those extra channels is dumb, but we miss our sports more than anything else!

  5. So glad you posted this! Joe's been wanting me to cancel our cable for a while and I just haven't been able to do it yet. I guess I "depend" on the TV for background noise during the day and that's the biggest reason. But I feel the same way you do about letting the baby watch TV... I really don't want her to be in front of the TV all the time. And I really don't see me even watching it that much once she gets here! Plus, it'll save us a pretty good chunk of money. Guess I better get on it! =)

  6. The only thing that I like to have at least basic cable for is the news. I much prefer watching the news than searching for it online, but if you don't mind then ditch that dish!

  7. Yeah! Good for you! We've never had anything other than basic cable, and it's great! I love not having the TV on all the time, and being able to get more done (except I feel like I never get anything done, ha ha!), and spending more quality time with the babes.

  8. Good for you guys! We've never had cable or dish or anything and really don't wish for it. Our kids love the PBS shows if they want to watch something and they don't think they are missing out on anything. Plus, whenever we go to my parent's house where they have cable, we are still flipping around the channels thinking there is nothing good to watch! It's nice not having a huge bill for TV as well! Enjoy it! :)


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