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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Colorado So Far

We've been in Colorado for over a week now and I thought I'd update you on how it's going!

Last week we arrived at my Dad's mid-afternoon on Monday and stayed until mid-morning on Wednesday. My Dad's house is always a very relaxed, laid-back sort of place. He makes such great food, too. That first night I'm pretty sure I ate six tacos (all with homemade ingredients from their garden!). We spent our one full day there shopping, fixing the car (my dad's a mechanic), and hanging out. That night, my sister and her boyfriend came out for dinner.

This is my step-mom Kat with my Dad
 Jenny and Justin
On Sunday, we also visited with Jenn at their house up in North Denver. Funny, she ended up living just down the street from the house I grew up in! (Jenny didn't move to Colorado until later, but I lived in that house with my two other sisters since we moved from Canada.)

Wednesday, we drove a few hours south to Colorado Springs, the place we always call home. We arrived at Brandon's parents house and immediately got to see my puppy dog! I missed him so much! As soon as he saw us, he went crazy, and then he jumped right into the car like he was saying, "You're here to get me! Let's go!"
So far we've kept pretty busy here. We've gone shopping, made some delicious food, played a bunch of board games, and visited with people. Yesterday, Brandon and I walked around our old university to see all the changes. Wow! I wish we were still going there!

Brandon's mom got us this Johnny Jump-Up, but Penny is still a little too small for it. She was so cute when we put her in, though, and just sat there staring at us. Love her!
 And on Monday, we visited Brandon's grandparents so I could get a four-generation photo. Grandpa, Dad, Brandon, and Baby. I think they turned out alright, though I need to see if I can fix the lighting a bit. Penny is a bit washed out - I guess it was too bright!
Our time so far in Colorado has been going well. We missed the place but we both agree, we aren't itching to stay here forever. I know we're both excited to get to Alabama and finally get settled. It's been almost a month since we've been "homeless" and we're ready to have a place to call our own!


  1. Penny is too cute in the Johnny Jump-Up. We got one for Sam for when we traveled, and it was a lifesaver. :) Glad you're enjoying some more family!

  2. That's the same one we have!! Just roll up some receiving blankets and stuff them around her, she'll fit great.


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